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ASAP Science answers the question “Could your brain be hacked?”

Maybe it already has and you just don’t know it. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW

Popular competitive gaming league ESEA caught sneaking a Bitcoin miner on their clients machines.

Basically this is about as bad if not worse than Sony’s rootkit fiasco years ago. A competitive gaming league which charges its members 7 dollars per month and has 15000 active members snuck a bitcoin miner onto the gaming client which activates 10 minutes after a system goes idle.  

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North Korea has their Twitter and Flickr accounts hacked

Earlier today, the official Twitter and Flickr accounts of the North Korean government were hacked, leaving behind such treasures as this pig-faced Kim Jong Un. The sad part is the poor bastard monitoring North Korea’s social presence probably had to commit suicide after seeing that image before he shamed his entire family.

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Bush family email hacked, GWB apparently likes to paint naked pictures of himself

A hacker going by the name of “Guccifer” (hence the watermark on some of these photos) hacked into the personal email accounts of several members of the Bush family, including George Bush Sr. and Jr. The hacker found all kinds of personal info, but the most interesting was a series of pictures showing what George W. Bush is doing these days— painting. Specifically, paintings of himself in the tub and shower.

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Canadian college student finds major security exploit in the school’s network, tells the school, gets expelled

If you were skilled in programming and networking and you discovered a critical flaw in your university’s network, a flaw that would have exposed the personal data of over 250,000 students, you would think the right thing to do would be to inform the school so they can fix it. Well that’s what Ahmed Al-Khabaz from Montreal’s Dawson College thought, and for his trouble, the school expelled him. In the meantime, the news has gotten Mr. Al-Khabaz tons of job offers, even if the college refuses to reinstate him.

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WOW hack Attack Kills Thousands Of Players, Destroys Several Major Cities

This weekend, a hacker, or small group of hackers, took advantage of an exploit in World of Warcraft that allowed them to take a couple of level 1 characters flying into all the major cities of Azeroth, killing every player and NPC with a single attack. The hack attack left every major city from Stormwind to Silvermoon City as total ghost towns.

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College students hijack domestic drone using equipment from Radio Shack

Ever since the government approved spy drones for domestic use, we’ve been told that there’s nothing to worry about, since the drones would only be used for things like traffic, tracking fugitives and giving local law enforcement a wider range of vision. But a group of college students from the University of Texas-Austin easily hijacked a domestic drone with equipment from Radio Shack.

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TED talk of the day: Avi Rubin “All your devices can be hacked”

Professor Avi Rubin specializes in Computer Security. In this TED Talk he reminds us that if a device runs software, it can be hacked – anything from a pacemaker to a car.

Anonymous hacks into FBI/Scotland Yard conference call on how to go after hackers

Embarrassing both the FBI and Scotland Yard in one go, Anonymous hacked into a conference call between the two agencies that was about how to go after hacking groups like Anonymous. 

"The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now," said one account controlled by the group on Twitter.

The call reveals British police and the FBI discussing the delay of court proceedings against two alleged members of the LulzSec hacking group, which attacked a number of sites in 2011 including the US Congress and UK Serious Organised Crime Agency.

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Twenty four years ago yesterday: The Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion

On the evening of November 22nd, 1987, in the span of three hours, a hacker or a couple managed to hijack the broadcast signals of WGN-TV and WTTW with a barely intelligible message delivered by a guy in a Max Headroom mask in front of a piece of corrugated tin to mimic the digital background Max Headroom was usually seen in front of.

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So it turns out that hacking open prison cells remotely is fairly easy

Prison doors these days are computer-controlled, with individual doors and entire cell blocks controlled from a central hub, a hub as it turns out that is incredibly vulnerable to being hacked from the outside. Yes, potentially a hacker thousands of miles away could start a prison riot.

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Sesame Street YouTube channel hit by porn hack. Ooh, Elmo, you dirty puppet. I bet you like that.

Over the weekend, hackers gained access to the official Sesame Street YouTube channel and managed to replace some of the videos with hardcore pornography. The changes appeared to have been made by someone called Mredxwx, although a member who uses that name denied involvement. A message posted alongside the adult videos stated: “Who doesn’t like porn kids?”

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German govt: We can take over anyone’s computer if we need to. German hacker group: We found your malware, now everyone has that capability

As part of their cyber-security, cyber-terrorism, cyber-whatever strategy, the German government installed malware in people’s computers that would let the government take over the computer or infiltrate the computer if the need arose. A German hacker group called Chaos Computer Club (no affiliation) decided that was fucked up, found the malware, reverse engineered it and put it out into the wild.

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NBC Nightly News Twitter hacked, announces fake Ground Zero attack

Yesterday, hackers called the Script Kiddies hacked the Twitter feed of NBC Nightly News and then proceeded to put out several tweets announcing a terrorist attack at Ground Zero. But like fucking idiots, the tweets weren’t believable, since they were also peppered with “Hacked by Script Kiddies, follow us at s_kiddies”. Not surprisingly, they were easy to track down.

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N. Korea’s figured out how to make some money: Hack into S. Korean MMOs and mine gold for cash

Everyone knows that North Korea is extremely hard up for cash right now, and that starvation has begun to move from the poor and the working class into the ranks of the military. So how does the North score some coin? By hacking into South Korean MMOs and either stealing or farming for virtual currency that they then sell for real money. Cha-ching!

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