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Obama’s big gun control announcement: He wants permanent assault weapons ban, background checks on all gun purchases

Earlier today, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden outlined their first proposed steps of gun control measures in the wake of last year’s string of deadly mass shootings. The main things Obama and Biden want on the table is a permanent assault weapons ban, a ban on high capacity magazines and mandatory background checks on anyone who buys a gun, whether it’s a store or a gun show or private dealer.

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The Daily Show comes back from vacation, Jon Stewart delivers a must-watch rant on gun control

I know I’m kicking the hornet’s nest by posting this, but after everything in the world seemed to happen while The Daily Show was on vacation, it returned Monday with a look at the fiscal cliff situation and last night, Jon Stewart nearly lost his voice taking politicians to the wood shed for their unwillingness to pass any meaningful or effective legislation to try and curb gun control. 

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