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Whiny Japanese lawmaker set to music

Japanese lawmaker Ryutaro Nonomura cries and bangs his fists about his misappropriation of public funds, now with more wailing guitar solo. 

Morning wake-up: Watch 9 year old Li-sa-X shred the shit out an electric guitar

(Source: micdotcom)

Roadie is the next generation of guitar tuning tools

Sure, you can use your cheap little clip on digital tuner, or maybe you’ve got the skill to tune guitars for any key by ear. But for smart, automatic guitar tuning, Roadie is going to be launching later this year after Kickstarter funding goes through. You stick the device on the tuning pegs, pair it with the Roadie smartphone app, and it tunes each string to perfect pitch. 

Read more here at Kickstarter

IHC After Dark: Ben Kweller at Austin City Limits

That time at the Austin City Limits Festival when Ben Kweller had a burst capillary in his nose but kept playing anyway. He asks the crowd for a tampon, so they start throwing hundreds of them up on stage, and he proceeds to play his set with a tampon up his nose until he’s told he needs to go to the hospital. Party on.

What’s this? Oh nothing, just a couple of guys in Utah killing it with an acoustic version of “Africa”.

Afternoon music: Re-creating Queens of the Stone age (guitar, bass and drums) with only a single bass guitar

 After months of tinkering with sounds, I’ve managed to cover the drums, guitars and bass parts of Queens of the Stone Age music using only my bass guitar.

All sounds created only with bass guitar and effects. No Drums/Guitars/Keyboards/MIDI were used!

Watch this 14 year old girl tear up the guitar solo from Van Halen’s “Eruption”


Charo plays Malagueña on acoustic guitar

Charo may have a generally annoying personality, but she is one talented guitar player. Be glad that this video of Charo “going fingerstyle” is on this side of IHC and not the NSFW side.

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