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Guinness introduces QR code glassware to give drunkards something else to do with their smartphones

Guinness is moving forward with a plan to put a QR code design onto some of their iconic proprietary tulip glasses that can only be scanned when there’s a pint of the black stuff in it (i.e. Bud Light in this glass makes the code unscanable). When introduced, the code will automatically update your Twitter about the pint you’re drinking as well as update your Facebook, check you in on foursquare, and allow you to access coupons and exclusive content. Now, you have something to take pictures of at the bar other than boobs and your dick.


The mathematics of Guinness and falling stout bubbles

Who would have guessed that the Irish would put their best minds to work on stout bubbles? Irish scientists have figured out the mystery of why bubbles in stout beer sink, and it may just come down to the shape of the glass.

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How to pour the perfect pint of Guinness from a can

You might think that getting Guinness from the tap is the only way to get that great, creamy, foamy Guinness head, but you can from a can as well. Drink up!


Morning music videos: The Manor “Guinness and Corn Flakes”

Guinness and Cornflakes… staples of the British diet. 

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