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Teaching Creationism as science is now illegal in all UK classrooms

Seeing the craziness that has consumed parts of the US with religious groups trying to infiltrate Christianity into public school science classrooms with religion very poorly disguised as “science”, Great Britain recently made teaching Creationism in public schools a crime. As it should be.

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A look inside the former Scottish government’s nuclear bunker

During the Cold War, the facility was reused, and became one of 14 Regional Seats of Government (RSG) distributed around the country, massive underground bunkers where government services would have been transferred to in the event of nuclear war. The RSG was intended to house the Scottish Secretary and members of the Scottish Office, police, BBC, BT and others to form a wartime government in Scotland The underground facility dates from 1952, and added a further three storeys beneath the original World War II surface building.

Loch Ness Monster captured on satellite photography? Sure, why not.


Some amateur monster hunters found what looks like the outline of some kind of prehistoric beast swimming under the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland on Apple Maps, so obviously it’s Nessie. It sure does look compelling, and public satellite maps are always accurate and never ever have weird artifacts show up through incorrect image stitching. Not ever.

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Domino’s responds to some guy who claims he burned his dick fucking their pizza

Many companies these days have a social media presence to answer the questions, concerns and praise of their customers. And in this social media sphere, companies get a lot of stupidity hurled at them, this being the internet and all, and most of the time, this stupidity goes unanswered. But when one guy in the UK started slamming Domino’s Pizza on Twitter because he supposedly suffered pretty bad burns on his dick when he tried to make sweet, sweet love to his pizza pie, Domino’s was not shy to address the gentleman’s grievances.

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Britain’s Royal Society has the most amazing autograph book in history

Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, The Queen and the man who invented the Internet… How much do you think this collection of signatures is worth?

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850,000 year old human footprints uncovered in Britain

You read that correctly— preserved in silt and sand on the beaches of Norfolk in Great Britain are the oldest human footprints ever discovered outside of Africa. Scientists say the footprints appear to have been from an adult male and a couple small children, probably walking along the old banks of the Thames nearly a million years ago.

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Gordon Ramsey’s porn midget lookalike found dead and half eaten in a badger den

And reading crazy stories like this is why I get up in the morning. RIP porn midget Percy Foster, but man, what a hell of a way to go. I bet he went down punching every one of those badgers with his wee little fists.

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Britain finally gets around to pardoning Alan Turing. It’s a Christmas miracle

For decades, campaigners have been trying to get computer pioneer Alan Turing posthumously pardoned for a conviction of the crime of indecency, based largely on Turing being teh ghey. Well this morning, Queen Elizabeth II finally used her royal powers to grant Turing that pardon. 

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Is Britain on the verge of its own cannabis revolution?

For the last several years, every small election cycle in the US has brought one more city or state joining the bandwagon of marijuana legalization or decriminalization. And now some of the people who have helped to fuel America’s “green economic revolution” are taking their road show to the UK, where they hope to start building equal support for serious cannabis law reform.

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Archaeologists have been digging for clues about the origins of Stonehenge in the wrong place for 90 years

In order to try and determine the origin of the stones used to make Stonehenge, archaeologists have been digging at a site in Wales, where it was thought the rocks originated from. And they were in the general area, kinda sorta… using x-rays of the rocks, it turns out the rocks actually originated a mile from where everyone’s been swinging their picks for 90 years.

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