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Thousands of idiots download fake installer for GTA V for PC, guess what happens?

GTA V is not yet out for PC, but thousands of people thought they either had stumbled upon a lucky pirated port or a legitimate release when they downloaded an 18gb file that was supposed to be the game. It wasn’t. It was 18 damn gigabytes of malware, trojans and viruses. Good job, people.

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A look at every single weapon in Grand Theft Auto V

Showcasing every weapon in the game & a little bit of triva on some of them.

Movie and TV moments from GTA V

A vignette of thirteen movie and TV moments and references spotted in GTA V. Click through to YouTube for the complete list if you couldn’t identify any.

GTA V has only been out for a week and it’s already produced the best GTA car chase ever

Your grandchildren will ask you where you were when you first saw this.

IHC Game Reviews: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V came out last week and in that time, has made an incredible amount of money, and for good reason. The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its far out antics of getting in trouble with police, doing drugs, and of course the occasional slaying of a random hooker. GTA V is no exception. Already making news stations clamor over, in game, repeated drug use, nudity, and sex, GTA once again is on the front page, but is this not why we love it?

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IHC should crew for GTA5

Capnovan made a crew for GTA5 aptly named I HEART CHAOS. Since no one else has mentioned it, I figured I should extend an invite to yallins who want to run amok in the name of Kaos. Once this online shit hits the fan, I hope to have some badass men and women to run around with. Make it happen folks, make it happen.

For the GTA V players out there, here’s a quick list of the GTA V codes for Xbox 360 so far

If you’re playing GTA V, you’re having all kinds of fun with the missions and vehicles and beatdowns and the sprawling cityscape, but eventually you’re going to want to get stupid and start spawning all kinds of weapons and vehicles and crazy shit. So below is a list compiled by IHCer Darsh of all the GTA V cheat codes for 360 known so far.

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