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Flying through a fireworks display with a GoPro camera and a drone will make you love fireworks all over again

So last night you probably saw some fireworks if you live in the US, and no matter how beautiful they were, from your vantage point on a hill or a rooftop or wherever, you were still on the ground looking up. This video from GoPro puts you right in the middle of the smoke and color and explosions, and it’s honestly the most amazing fireworks video you’ll see today, probably this year, perhaps your entire lifetime.

Putting a GoPro camera on the end of a trombone produces some really weird results

As cool as this is, I think I might have just gotten vertigo.

Submitted by DigiDiva

GoPro cameras attached to a balloon capture an 80,000 foot fall from space

Led by Kevin Macko, a San Francisco-based space exploration team of engineers and designers, known as the Astronewts, launched a balloon into the sky in June 2010 from Davenport, California that was carrying two GoPro HD Hero cameras. At the peak altitude of 80,000 feet, the balloon burst causing it to fall back to Earth, all the while, the cameras wre capturing footage to its landing spot 70 miles away in Crows Landing.


Seagull snatches up a GoPro camera, takes it for a spin

So a guy had his GoPro set up on a beach in San Francisco to catch the sun setting over the Pacific, when a hungry seagull snatched the camera up, thinking it was lunch. 

Submitted by InformationDesk

Watch a GoPro camera fall 3000 feet and survive

A cool demonstration of the toughness of the GoPro, but if you’re epileptic, you might not want to watch.

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