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Google Glass sale may extend beyond just today. How many of you have gotten yours?

Today was the day where Google sold Glass for one day only, $1500 a pop. But the selling was so frantic, Google said it’s probably going to keep the sales open to the public for a little while longer. How many of you fat cats have gotten your Google Glass yet?

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Oh hooray, there’s an app for Google Glass that lets you watch yourself having sex

You ever wanted to see what you look like having sex in real time? Me neither. But if you have Google Glass now or in the future, there’s apparently an app called Glance that lets you watch yourself doing the nasty. Because that’s what everyone wants. The app lets you watch yourself have sex during the act, from a variety of angles, while wearing Google Glass. You direct the app verbally to let you watch the deed from multiple angles by saying, “Okay Glass, it’s time” and when you’re done, just say “Okay Glass, pull out.”

Firefighters developing Google Glass apps for search and rescue

If you thought that Google Glass would be all about pretentious hipsters live-blogging their brunches, not so. Firefighter Patrick Jackson has been working to develop Google Glass apps that would give firefighters a HUD to see floor plans, estimated number of people inside, external conditions and any other relevant data that could make their jobs easier and more awesome and save lives. And it’s not just firefighters— think how something like this could greatly benefit surgeons, police officers, nurses, and other professions where the speed at which you get your information can save lives.

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If you were curious, yes, using Google Glass at a gun range looks just like a first person shooter

Woman gets the world’s first traffic ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass

Last week, Cecilia Abadie made history when she was pulled over for speeding by a California highway patrolman and ended up getting the world’s first ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving. The ticket doesn’t single out Google Glass specifically, but California is one of several US states that do have laws prohibiting video display screens from being visible to a driver, excluding GPS navigation. Abadie says the Glass wasn’t on, and in court, it’s going to be impossible to prove whether it was on or off or if it was on, whether she was using Google Maps… but congratulations Cecilia, you’re a trailblazer.

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The real plan for Google Glass may be to sell it to businesses, not consumers

Yesterday evening in New York City, Google’s Glass team threw a party. It brought together “Explorers” and “Influencers”—the lucky few people who got to try out the computerized glasses Google is developing. Over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, the diverse crowd gushed about the joys and dissected the drawbacks of the device, which they’ve been wearing for the last few months.

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MiKandi created the world’s first Google Glass porno and this is the trailer. It’s NSFW and you know you want more of this.

Google Glass in use in a public restroom

Thank you Google, for making this first person airport urinal experience possible.

Casinos are already banning players from wearing Google Glass

Well before Google Glass even hits the shelves, you can now add casinos to the growing list of places you won’t be able to wear your fancy computer glasses, future boy. Well there goes that plan.

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Google is forbidding people to resell or loan out their Google Glasses

At $1500 a pop, Google Glass is going to be a high end must-have toy when they come out later this year. And for both developers who already have them and people who are definitely ordering them, there’s already a huge demand. One guy apparently had his Google Glasses going for $90,000 on ebay before Google stepped in and prohibited the resell or even loan of your glasses. If you do, they’ll brick ‘em.

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Google releases some specs for Google Glass

Are you ready to get your Google Glass on? Today, Google released some physical and tech specs for their wonder of early 21st century technology.

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Google Glass isn’t even out yet and West Virginia already wants to ban it while driving

Google Glass is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year, but West Virginia isn’t taking any chances. There’s already legislation introduced that would ban drivers from wearing or using Google Glass or any other type device while driving. Like anyone in WV would even know high tech smartphone-like glasses if they saw them.

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This is what St. Patrick’s Day might look like next year through Google Glass

So much drinking and so many bad things.

Google Glass will be available by the end of this year for under $1500

After a bunch of teasing, it looks like Google Glass will be launching by the end of this year. Prepare for everything you know about privacy to change, because while we’ve gotten used to everyone having a camera in their pocket, we still generally know when someone is recording us. We’ve even gotten used to surveillance cameras in cities, by telling ourselves that it’s for catching bad guys. But with Glass, once you get used to seeing it, you won’t always know when you’re being recorded and when you’re not.

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Google releases a new video showing the world through Google Glass

Yeah, it’s all going to be skydiving and hot air balloons and not at all a whole lot of videos of people’s cats and deli sandwiches. THE FUTURE!

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