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Austin could be the next city to get outfitted with Google Fiber

Google’s first fiber internet experiment has been going well in Kansas City, and on April 9th, it sounds like they’ll be announcing the next city to get pimped out with super high speed cheap internet service. Austin, Texas… come on dooowwwwn!

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Want super fast Kansas City Google Fiber? This guy will let you use his for $49/night

Right now, the superfast Google Fiber internet service is only available in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS, and it’s only running to homes, not businesses. But one KC couple who want to see the city as a tech hub are renting out a room in their house for $49 a night to tech entrepreneurs who want a taste of the fastest internet speeds available to mortals on this side of the world.

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Google announces plans and pricing for Google Fiber in Kansas City

Oh Kansas City, you lucky bastards. You’ll soon be able to get free-ish cable from Google or a paid plan with fucking insane bandwidth.

According to the Google Fiber page, which just went up today, if you’re in KC, you can get free broadband internet (free after an installation fee) or gigabit up/down internet or gigabit up/down internet and TV.

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