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Chromecast getting a slew of new features, might finally be halfway useable

If you were like me and jumped on Google’s $35 Chromecast dongle when it first launched last year, imagining it to be a cheaper, smaller and sleeker smart TV alternative to Apple TV or Roku only to find out it’s an incredibly horrible to use, interface-less way to tie up your phone or tablet to maybe watch something on Netflix. But at this week’s I/O conference, Google announced a number of welcome changes to the Chromecast, including somewhat of a Google Plus powered user interface and (finally) full scale mirroring between your TV and Android device, so that’s something.

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Google unveils Android L, with a pretty new design and lots of new bells and whistles

At Google’s I/O event today, the company officially unveiled the next major version of Android, which appears to possibly ditch the dessert themed naming in favor of just going with “Android L”. L has a brand new runtime engine from Dalvik to ART, updating the oldest part of the operating system, it’s got a new design that borrows the flat, colorful elements of Google Now and Google has opened up over 5000 APIs to developers, which puts Android and its developers in line to start creating devices for wearables, smart car and smart home devices.

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The Daily Show examines the newest intolerance in America: Hate crimes against Glassholes

For people who own Google Glass eyewear, life has become incredibly difficult in the face of rampant discrimination against those who just want to live in the future. And videotape everything.

Google’s Project Tango tablet is a 7 inch Tegra K1 powered device with depth perception and 3D vision

At a price of $1024, the Project Tango tablet is meant as more of a thing for developers to mess around with for future Google technology, not something that’s going to be hitting the shelves of Best Buy.

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Google expands overnight delivery, going directly head-to-head with Amazon

Google has had a shopping service for a while, but it’s not even in the same league as Amazon. Amazon has super speedy shipping for one, and that’s an arena Google is trying to make its mark in. It’s been providing same day delivery for parts of California for a little while, just testing the waters. But it recently expanded to overnight delivery for most of California, including the really hard to reach spots in northern California and the eastern regions. And combining that with Google’s self-driving car technology, it could very well be possible that one day, Google could offer its own courier service via autonomous car pods. 

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Google’s self-driving car now understands cyclist’s arm gestures, will slow down for construction zones

By now, Google’s self-driving car is a whiz at navigating through light traffic on open highways, but it’s new trick is even more useful in the real world— navigating the complex world of city traffic. The cars can now understand cyclist’s arm gestures, will slow down for construction zones and is aware of pedestrians in front as well as behind the car. Fancy.

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Google Glass sale may extend beyond just today. How many of you have gotten yours?

Today was the day where Google sold Glass for one day only, $1500 a pop. But the selling was so frantic, Google said it’s probably going to keep the sales open to the public for a little while longer. How many of you fat cats have gotten your Google Glass yet?

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And so Google’s April 1st thing this year was David Hasselhoff photobombing your Google+ photos
Read more about this amazing new technology on the Google Blog or see more pics at #Hoffsome

And so Google’s April 1st thing this year was David Hasselhoff photobombing your Google+ photos

Read more about this amazing new technology on the Google Blog or see more pics at #Hoffsome

Android Wear, functional Smart Watches people may actually want.

Google officially announces their leap into the wearables world with Android Wear, the new OS designed to provide contextual information in the smartwatch form factor. The article has a couple videos showing proof of concept, but regardless, it couldn’t possibly be worse than the Galaxy Gear Samsung unveiled last year.

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Steve Woz thinks Apple should build an Android smartphone. He ain’t trollin’

Ever since day one of Apple, Steve Wozniak was very much at odds with how Steve Jobs wanted to run the company. Wozniak was all about free and open source, Jobs was about design and marketing and making money. So a couple times a year, Woz makes some comment that completely goes against what Apple is all about now, so it’s not surprising when he recently commented that Apple would be smart to make varieties of iPhone with Android. The problem with that is that Android is becoming less and less open source every day, with only the most basic OS framework as part of the current version, and that’s all mostly from 1.0 or 2.0, everything else is slowly being rolled into the Google Play powered closed-source you-gotta-pay-to-put-it-on-your-phones chunk of code. The future is quickly turning into whose ecosystem you’re buying into and Google’s not giving that away for free.

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Oh hooray, there’s an app for Google Glass that lets you watch yourself having sex

You ever wanted to see what you look like having sex in real time? Me neither. But if you have Google Glass now or in the future, there’s apparently an app called Glance that lets you watch yourself doing the nasty. Because that’s what everyone wants. The app lets you watch yourself have sex during the act, from a variety of angles, while wearing Google Glass. You direct the app verbally to let you watch the deed from multiple angles by saying, “Okay Glass, it’s time” and when you’re done, just say “Okay Glass, pull out.”

Google buys artificial intelligence startup for $400 million

Google is busy once again with the creepy Skynet-like acquisitions, this time buying London based artificial intelligence startup Deepmind. The startup’s placeholder site outlines its work on “general purpose learning algorithms,” with its first projects encompassing games, e-commerce and simulations.

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Firefighters developing Google Glass apps for search and rescue

If you thought that Google Glass would be all about pretentious hipsters live-blogging their brunches, not so. Firefighter Patrick Jackson has been working to develop Google Glass apps that would give firefighters a HUD to see floor plans, estimated number of people inside, external conditions and any other relevant data that could make their jobs easier and more awesome and save lives. And it’s not just firefighters— think how something like this could greatly benefit surgeons, police officers, nurses, and other professions where the speed at which you get your information can save lives.

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