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Deal of the Day: Duke Nukem 3D, free for PC and Mac

Deals are deals, but rarely do you see “free” as the deal. But until the 14th, you can download Duke Nukem 3D for both Mac and PC completely free from All you have to do is sign up for the site, which you may have done already and voila. Free Duke Nukem.


Good old Games flashback of the day: Megarace is great for setting off huge waves of nostalgia for games that you had when you were a kid. Sure, they may suck, but nostalgia doesn’t like to hear that. Case in point: Megarace.

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Good Old Games updates their site, is giving away 1994’s Dragonsphere for free recently did a site and store update, and so to celebrate, they’re giving away a good old game for free. The free title is Microprose’s 1994 point and click adventure Dragonsphere.

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Good Old Games revives the classic Baldur’s Gate

Good Old Games, the site where the best of old computer games find a new home, is finally out of beta after 2 years of testing and to celebrate this 2 year anniversary and the step out of the beta they made it possible for us to buy a true masterpiece: Baldur’s Gate and its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast.

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