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Yes, Pat Sajak said something stupid on Twitter. No, this isn’t a new thing.

Pat Sajak got a bunch of people’s panties all in a twist a couple days ago when he tweeted “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends”, but this is hardly the first time the Wheel of Fortune host has said something fucktarded on the Internet and it won’t be the last. Before he took to Twitter as an outlet for his weird and often folksy sounding bits of wisdom, he cranked out gems of crazy on (which now just has a link to his Twitter feed). He’s been doing this for a long, long time, it’s just this latest one that has gotten the most attention, probably because news in the US is now almost entirely just repeating what other people say on the internet.

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West Antarctic ice sheet collapsing. No turning back now, say goodbye to Florida and most of Oceania in the next 100 years


For decades and decades, scientists have warned that rising global temperatures have threatened the stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet, and when that goes, it will mean a massive rise in sea level. Well, that time is now… it’s been confirmed that the enormous ice sheet is slowly collapsing and there isn’t shit we can do to stop it. What that means is that over the next 100 years as the ice slowly falls into the ocean, sea levels are going to rise 10 feet or more. It will be gradual at first, but if you live in Florida, the Netherlands, most of the coastal east coast of the US just for starters, you might want to say goodbye and move inland. Or at least tell your kids they’re gonna have to start looking at rentals further inland. Time to start doing the paperwork so I can be the first to set up a beach supply/surf shop in Raleigh.

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To see a map of what 10 feet looks like, click here. Miami, gone. Baltimore, gone. The Outer Banks, long gone. Charleston, gone. The entire lower half of Louisiana, gone. Houston is right on the coast, Richmond almost, etc etc. That’s just in the US— the real fun is in the huge population centers of East Asia— Macao, Bangkok, large chunks of the eastern coast of China, Tokyo, all screwed.

So it looks like we’ll have an ice-free Arctic by 2058. Greenland beach party!

As ice in the Arctic Ocean continues to melt, researchers have now pinpointed an exact year when the Arctic will be ice free— 2058. That’s not far from now. Sure, I’ll be old and I won’t give a fuck, but that it’s within 35 years is a little disturbing.

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Global warming is making the Arctic greener, so there’s that

With global temps slowly rising, it means stranger weather patterns, slightly warmer summers in temperate climates, and in the Arctic, it means more greenery and less ice. That’s a bad things for animals that rely on sea ice, but it’s a good thing for animals that eat vegetation.

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By 2300, the Arctic Ocean could be the center of the economic world

Two thousand years ago, almost the entire economy of the western world revolved around a single sea, the Mediterranean. With sea ice quickly melting in the Arctic, Canada, the US, Russia and China are all posturing to gain control of brand new trade routes and drilling and mining rights for oil and rare earth minerals. And by 2300, the sea at the top of the ocean could be the Mediterranean of the 24th century.

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Global warming skeptic gets paid to debunk global warming, ends up becoming a believer

Richard Muller is a physicist and once was a disbeliever in global climate change. That is until he was given a $600,000 research grant, much of it from the Charles Koch Foundation, with the intention of disproving climate change. But once he started doing his own independent analysis, his numbers matched the figures of NOAA and NASA.

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Starbucks sees the possibility of a severe worldwide coffee shortage in just a few decades or less

The very slight effects of climate change may not immediately be noticeable in your own urban daily lives, but for coffee growers, tiny changes in temperature make a big difference. Coffee is a very picky plant, and only grows well in a few places in the world, and when temperature rises even a tiny amount, or when storms increase by only a tiny amount, it makes a big difference in yield, and now Starbucks is putting out the alarm that the world’s coffee supply could be in serious danger in 10 to 30 years. NOOOOO.

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Girl has the perfect solution to slow global warming

GIANT AIR CONDITIONERS. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant.

Submitted by H4XX3D

Even if December was the coldest for a while in N. America and Europe, 2010 was still the warmest year on record

At times like this, when many people in the US and Europe are still digging themselves out of the snow of one of the coldest Decembers and currently one of the coldest Januarys in quite some time, according to the NOAA, 2010 globally was still the warmest on record since 1880, tying the previous record from 2005.

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