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A fully 3D printable GlaDOS Robotic ceiling arm lamp? BRB, bunk

We’ve featured lots of 3D printing projects on this site, but nothing quite gives me a chubby like this assembled, fully 3D printable GlaDOS ceiling lamp. It’s just so damn beautiful.

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Don’t worry… Guillermo Del Toro did get permission from Valve to rip off GlaDOS’s voice for ‘Pacific Rim’

If you remember the first trailer for Pacific Rim, there was a helpful sounding computer voice throughout that sounded awfully familiar. Sounded a hell of a lot like GlaDOS from Portal. But if you were hoping Valve had sent their lawyers out, you’re going to be disappointed. Del Toro is a huge fan of Valve’s games and got permission to use the voice, even if it’s not the same character. 


GlaDOS replaces Siri in the Apple iPhone 4S

So someone submitted this yesterday, and I’ve already got a backlog of way too much shit that’s been submitted, and all this person put in the description was “iPhone parody” and in a gut reaction, I hit the “x” to delete. Honestly, an iPhone parody? Bleh. But then today someone else submitted it as a YouTube link with an actual description of what it was and I watched it and it’s really damn funny.

Moral of the story: If you’re submitting something, sell it and tell me why I should watch it, because people submit a lot of shit to IHC and I try to go through it all, but sometimes if you’ve bored me right off the bat, I’m gonna get hair-trigger and delete it and move on. Nothing personal.

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