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A live giant squid caught on tape in its natural habit for the first time ever

Tsunemi Kubodera, a Japanese Museum of Nature and Science Zoologist led the expedition near Chichi Island. He descended over 600 meters in the human piloted sub with cameras and a camera man to film. Using a one-meter squid as bait, the team had to use near infra-red light, which was invisible to both human and cephalopod eyes. They ended up descending to almost one kilometer when they were done filming.

“I’ve seen a lot of giant squid specimens in my time, but mainly those hauled out of the ocean. This was the first time for me to see with my own eyes a giant squid swimming, it was stunning, I couldn’t have dreamt that it would be so beautiful. It was such a wonderful creature.”

When Kubodera was asked about his impression of the beast he responded, “A giant squid essentially lives a solitary existence, swimming about all alone in the deep sea. It doesn’t live in a group, so when I saw it, well, it looked to me like it was rather lonely.”


Giant squid captured live on video for the first time

We’ve found bodies of giant squid, but until recently, no one has ever gotten a video of a live one in the wild. Unfortunately, Discovery is holding on to the video until January of next year, so there’s no video to watch in this article right now.

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Watch a shark eat the shit out of a giant squid

Insane footage of a 15 foot long giant squid being eaten by a shark. Al McGlashan had this encounter while filming for the brand new series Big Fish, Small Boats that will hit Australian TV screens later this year’when they encountered the huge squid drifting on the surface.

Paleontologist claims he’s found the lair of an ancient kraken

Because of course he has. Boy, this is a good week for cryptozoology. Yesterday, we had Russians claiming indisputable proof of yetis in Siberia and here’s the story of a paleontologist claiming that he’s found proof of an ancient, gigantic, dinosaur-eating squid. Only he doesn’t have any real proof other than some artfully arranged ichthyosaur bones (above). 

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Giant squids are destroying fish stocks and now they’re coming AFTER YOU

According to recent reports, giant squid have begun decimating major fish stocks in areas around the world and have even at times attacked human fisherman who are vying for the same fish. THIS MEANS WAR.

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