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Saw this in Florence, Italy last week. Couldn’t decide if it’s people who investigate ghosts, or ghosts who investigate people.

Saw this in Florence, Italy last week. Couldn’t decide if it’s people who investigate ghosts, or ghosts who investigate people.

Customers at a hair salon get the ghost girl in the mirror prank

This is what happens when you breathe in too much hair spray… you start seeing shit… really awful shit, man.

The stories of the sex ghosts and the magical big dick mummies

Nothing in that headline is misleading. In an interview with The Hairpin, author, photographer and ossuary expert Paul Koudounaris sat down to talk about some of the weirder traditions he’s encountered in regards to ossuaries, mummies and treatment of the dead.

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Scaring the shit out of people with the old “ghost in an elevator” prank

When you see an undead child in an elevator all of a sudden, maybe you should go to a different floor.

Before there was Photoshop, there was spirit photography

Photoshop is a relatively new invention, but even in the very early days of photography, people were figuring out ways to manipulate photos to certain ends. In the late 1800s, spirit photography became popular with hoaxers and those who just wanted to push the medium, though mainly it was hoaxers trying to prove the existence of ghosts.

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Japanese ghost prank seems pretty effective at making one lose one’s shit

Japanese people frighten the best.

Nightmare fuel: Ghostly photography using a sliced up cadaver and a laptop

“12:31″ by Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott is a spectacular photographic series that uses light painting to create the illusion of a ghostly and ghastly human body floating through space. To create the images, the collaborators used long exposures, a laptop, and an animation of scanned cross sections of executed convict Joseph Paul Jernigan’s body derived from the Visible Human Project. Prints of the series are for sale, with proceeds to benefit Amnesty International.

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5 Types of Japanese Ghosts

In Japanese mythology there are many types of spirits. These five are not only common in Japanese folklore but also closely resemble Western ideas of what a restless spirit is.


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