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Morning smooth jams: Edeka “Supergeil”

Germany uses the power of German engineering on advertising, and thus “Supergeil” was born!

The Brazilian ranch where Nazis once owned slaves

In the 1930s, during Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, the above photo of a local Brazilian soccer team was taken, and those swastikas on those flags are exactly those kind of swastikas— Nazi swastikas. Because in the 1930s, there were quite a few very fervent supporters of Adolph Hitler and his plans for genocide and world domination. And these Brazilian Nazis weren’t just bad in name only, they also were pretty big slave owners— and the soccer players in the photo were slaves. Stolen from orphanages and forced to work on farms their whole lives.

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Thirty foot, 11 ton fire breathing dragon is also the world’s largest walking robot

Made for a play called Drachenstich, this beast named Tradinno is the world’s largest walking robot, as well as the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Oh, if only Hitler had one of these during WW2, he could have easily brought the entire world to its knees.

IHC After Dark: Helge Schneider “Katzeklo Katzenklo”

So this is Helge Schneider, whom some have called the Weird Al of Germany. In 2005 I visited my cousin in Münster where he was teaching English, and he told me about this guy because we both have a pretty sick sense of humor. The chorus of this song translates to “Cat litter, cat litter - yes, that makes the cat happy”. So years went by and for some reason I never bothered to look this song up again (YouTube wasn’t really a thing yet in 2005) until like right now when I randomly started singing it to myself. And so, my dear internet, I share it with you. I think Herr Schneider needs to be re-discovered by all.

Sunday punk: $wingin’ Utter$ live in Fürth Germany

One of the best, forgotten SanFrancisco Punk Bands of our time. Amazing show, Amazing Band

‘Shitstorm’ officially becomes a word in Germany

The new edition of the official German dictionary Duden contains a whole host of apparently necessary English words, such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Flashmob’ and ‘Shitstorm’.

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So, I saw NOFX last night in Nurnberg Germany. They were fucking great as usual.

Testing the myth that Germans can’t say the word “squirrel”

Even though English and German are both in the same language family, English has a lot of words borrowed from other languages… words like “squirrel”, which comes from French. And there’s something weird about the consonant-vowel sound arrangement of “squirrel” that just gets Germans all tongue-tied.

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German’s solar ovens sunbake Mexican tortillas

Germans might be one of the last peoples you might expect to contribute to advancements in tortilla baking technology, but one German entrepreneur has exported his solar ovens to Mexico to help make the perfect sun-baked tortilla.

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