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George Zimmerman to box DMX. Somebody’s getting pissed on.

In a further attempt to help pay down his massive legal debts to the team that helped acquit him of murdering Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has turned to the world of celebrity boxing. Apparently, there was a list of 15,000 applicants to beat the shit out of Zimmerman, and the lucky bastard who gets to punch him in the face will be rapper DMX. DMX said he will be fighting on behalf of everyone who’s been wronged by the justice system, that he wants to beat the fick out of Zimmerman and he’d piss on him if he could.

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George Zimmerman is now selling original paintings on eBay. For so much money

Wonder what shooter of unarmed teenagers George Zimmerman has been up to lately? Much like former president George W Bush, Zimmerman has been spending his time out of the spotlight painting. Or at least he’s done one painting, a blue American flag piece that’s currently bidding at over $100k with 2 days left. But before you think George is going to get wealthy from this, keep kn mind that he still has about 2 million in legal debt.

Place your bid now!

At the George Zimmerman trial, juror B37 “hates all media”, thinks Martin’s murder was “just something that happened” and called him “a colored boy”

Watching this bit of the jury selection process makes me cringe, because I’ve seen this in person and it’s pretty much par for the course for lawyers to spend hours and hours and hours weeding out anyone who shows the slightest hint of intelligence to try and pack the jury box with the dumbest people in the community. And this is what happens. How about lawyers get their picks, then each lawyer gets to drop one person… that’s it. 


Daily Discussion: George Zimmerman, discuss

While I’ve managed to refrain from posting on the trial of George Zimmerman, I’ve gotten plenty of requests for discussion. And since the case goes to jury today, it could be your last chance to get on your soap box here at IHC, so discuss.

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George Zimmerman finally arrested and charged with second degree murder

Okay… so George Zimmerman has finally been arrested and charged with second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. Can we all just STFU with crazy speculation and let the judicial system do what it’s supposed to do and get to the bottom of this?

Special prosecutor Angela Corey brought the charges earlier this afternoon and George Zimmerman surrendered to police. Ta da. Couldn’t have done that a few weeks ago?


Video of George Zimmerman, just a couple hours after he killed Treyvon Martin shows no blood, no bruises

In his official statement to police, George Zimmerman claimed teenager Treyvon Martin attacked him, punched him in the face, broke his nose and repeatedly bashed his head into the concrete sidewalk. But in a police station video from when Zimmerman was brought in to give his statement, there’s not a scratch, not a bruise, not a drop of blood on him or his clothes. If someone had broken his nose, it would be clearly visible even in this grainy video and he would be gushing blood until his nose was repaired, but as you can see, there’s nothing of the sort.

In all this, I want Zimmerman arrested and put on trial just to end the internet craziness and mob mentality. That’s why we have a justice system— to ask questions and find out the truth. Just fucking do it so we can get on with our lives.

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