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Cosplay of the day: Somebody just won everything with this Garo cosplay


Man in China builds a giant Transformer replica to propose to his girlfriend. That’s how you do it.

According to Chinese news site Jinyang, he constructed this three-story-tall model of Optimus Prime over the course of 10 months to impress his girlfriend enough that she’d say yes. The superheroic machine took 400 drawings, 40,000 rivets and nearly $10,000 worth of stainless steel and iron.

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Things you didn’t get for Christmas: 220 HP Alcohol-burning Racing Lawnmower

This Iowa family is SERIOUS about their lawn tractor racing, and built nearly every piece of this 220 HP alcohol-fueled “Supercub” tractor in a CNC shop behind their house.  With that much HP and such little weight, it should out-accelerate a Dodge Viper.  On dirt.

More pics and info at Gas 2.

Amazing life sized Lego car only goes 20mph, but it’s way cooler then your car

This isn’t just any old Lego car, it’s not even just a life-sized Lego car; it’s a fully functional, air-powered, full-sized Lego car.

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Blues Brothers shopping mall car chase scene re-created shot for shot in Lego

We’re getting the band back together!

Want: Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

This golf cart was customized to look like the Tumbler from the Chris Nolan Batman films and it was actually used on the Warner Bros lot where the films were made! This is perfect for ridding your local golf course of unwanted villainy or doing donuts in the mall parking lot until security calls the cops, in which case just try and catch me!

This is up for grabs on eBay for a ridiculous price and the auction ends in three days. Buy it for me or don’t buy it at all.

(via Nerd Approved)

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