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NBC Universal decides to scrap G4, turn it into a GQ channel

Not even Sarah Underwood and machine guns can save G4…

While there seems to be a never-ending appetite on the internet for all kinds of geekery, a channel devoted to video games and other geeky pursuits has never really taken off on American television. And so NBC Universal has decided to completely overhaul G4, turning it from a geek-focused station to one that’s similar to GQ, focused on fashion and gadgets for the modern man.

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IHC kinda sorta shows up on G4’s Attack of the Show. FAMOUS.

In a segment on Attack of the Show about the popular puppet-based YouTube channel “Glove and Boots”, IHC gets some very unexpected love. Watch the video below, and if you want to jump straight to the IHC reference, jump to about 2:45.

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Check out the teaser trailer for Blade the anime series

G4 ran the anime series versions of Wolverine, X-Men and Iron Man and in January, they’ll be getting Blade the anime series. I didn’t see Wolverine or X-Men, but I did see Iron Man. It was decent. It looked really nice, but the writing was pretty fucking boring for the most part. I still might check Blade out though… it’s hard to go wrong with slicing up vampires with swords.


Not more of this shit… Epic Meal Time is getting its own show on G4

Why?  This doesn’t need to be on TV. We need LESS overconsumption, not more. But then, I guess TV execs never claimed any kind of social responsibility. See Jersey Shore, I Love New York, The Bachelor, etc if you need evidence. 

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IHC TV reviews: Iron Man, the anime series

In the past couple years, Marvel has been collaborating with Japanese Madhouse studios to bring various Marvel titles into the world of anime. X-Men, Wolverine and Iron Man have been a few of the comic franchises that have gotten the anime treatment, but so far my only experience has been with Iron Man. I can say that after watching the first season of Iron Man the anime series, I’m looking forward to checking out the other Marvel anime series. 

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Cosplay of the Day: Sara Underwood as “Bustice”

G4’s Sara Jean Underwood (that’s so hard to say) shows off her San Diego Comic Con costume: BUSTICE. Yes, she just made that up, don’t go looking through your back issues of Justice League.

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Fred Willard, creator of all internet memes

So you think that 4chan or Reddit or 2chan or whoever the fuck invented things like Nyan Cat and rage comics and LOL cats? No, no and no. Every internet meme was invented by Fred Willard and YOU’VE STOLEN EVERYTHING FROM HIM. You fucks.


Sarah Underwood at Portland’s Naked Bike Ride (SFW-ish)

G4’s Sarah Underwood strips down at this year’s Portland Naked Bike Ride. Over 10,000 people participated worldwide, which to quote Ms. Underwood “is a lot of boobs and weiners on bikes”. Indeed.


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