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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Also, furries.

CBZ: Also, that first sentence didn’t make any god damn sense, but I left it as is anyway.

Orangina’s back at it with the creepy furries

As a follow-up to its successful campaign in 2007 that featured sexy anthropomorphic animals, Orangina’s back at it with a similar set of ads. Orangina is fucking good, but the day it makes me sexually attracted to horses is when I stop drinking it.


Nightmare fuel: Male furry does a sexy striptease

I’m just amazed that it looks like that this guy’s been practicing this in his bedroom for a really, really long time.

Follow-up: More on Mr. Boomer the Dog from Pittsburgh

If you remember from a couple weeks ago, a guy who wanted to legally change his name to Boomer the Dog was denied his request, because the judge ruled that it would be “too confusing”. Well here’s Mr. the Dog in his daily life, with his little dog ear hair puffs and his collar. Whatever floats your boat.


Furry from Pittsburgh tries to legally change his name to “Boomer the Dog”

Gary Guy Matthews of Pittsburgh recently put in a motion to have his name legally changed to “Boomer the Dog”, based on an obsession on a TV show from his childhood with the same name. And he just so happens to be a Furry, whose friends already call him Boomer the Dog.

The judge overseeing the request has yet to rule on whether Gary can be Boomer, saying that he will rule against it if “it causes confusion in the community” or “may cause unintended consequences” or if it’s just too weird. Also, he has an awful haircut that looks like he’s never washed it after getting it slicked down with sweat from his furry dog head. Ewww.

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I wish the whole trend of bodybuilder Furries would just stop. Of course, I’m part of the problem by drawing attention to it, but I just can’t help myself. 

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