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Bachelor sues club after stripper’s rough pole dance bursts his bladder

A Pennsylvania man is suing a strip club after a rough pole dance ruptured his bladder during his bachelor party. That’s when one dancer shimmied up the pole, and “from a great height, she launched herself down onto his abdomen” with such force that she ruptured his bladder, Gallagher’s attorney Neil Murray told the Philadelphia Daily News.  

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English Mastiff just doesn’t want to get out of bed, it must have been a Monday.

Samuel L Jackson Pro Obama ad, “Wake the Fuck Up” SFW edition.

NSFW version here. (no bleeps)

The Thriller!  He found out at a young age, white people just can’t dance.
Video here.

The Thriller!  He found out at a young age, white people just can’t dance.

Video here.

Who actually listens to Skrillex?

NOISEY host Josh Haddow goes to a Skrillex show to discover what his fans are like and whether or not they are part of a revolution.

Jehovah’s Witness ( make a serious ASL anti masturbation video. Here’s the R. Kelly interpretation.

Link to the original can be found here chapter 22.

Adam Reposa, Lawyer, all around lunatic.

The video was made Bob Ray, the same guy who made Total Badass, a documentary about Chad Holt, a cocaine-addicted competitive guinea pig breeder and Adam Reposa’s legal assistant. Bob had intended the commercial to be just one small part of a much larger multi-part reality series on Reposa and Holt, but after its release a fancy-pants Hollywood producer shoved a TV contract in Reposa’s face, which he signed because again, the money-grubbing pile of shit thing. Bob and Chad were thrown under the bus. What followed was a retarded web of backstabbings, hurt feelings, a forthcoming Playboy feature, and a nonprofit organization called Drunk Drivers of Texas whose point remains an enigma. In an effort to better understand this idiotic and hilarious saga, I called up Bob for a chat.


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Life is too funny sometimes…

Sometimes your kids say stuff and all you can do is try not to hemorrhage from the stifled laughter. Case in point.

Yesterday we were at Target buying a new utility table. We were waiting for them to bring one up from the stockroom, my mother was with us and had run to the bathroom so I was alone with my younger brother and the boy. 

On one of the endcaps there were Oreos, the boy saw them and saw that they had the double stuffed oreos. He looks at me and says “Ooh Daddy, we should buy these for momma. She loves getting double stuffed”.

Deuce’s business started to suffer after he tried to merchandise.

Deuce’s business started to suffer after he tried to merchandise.

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