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Real life Fruit Ninja is a watermelon’s worst nightmare

Sorry if you’re not a fan of dubstep, but watching a big guy with a mohawk chop fruits shot directly at him from a cannon is always awesome. And he does have skills.

Submitted by Dallin

Fruit Ninja converted for play on a TI-83+ calculator

And it surprisingly plays just like Fruit Ninja, with the lower keys used as a touchpad that maps the screen. Brilliant. 

Download it here


E3 2011: Fruit Ninja is coming to Kinect. I’m getting worn out just thinking about it

As I try to keep up with the tsunami of news coming out of E3 every day, I have to pick and choose what to cover when, and this becomes a highly subjective process— so I pick games that I know or I like or that are popular. And I fucking love Fruit Ninja, right now only available on iOS. But yesterday, it was announced that Fruit Ninja is coming to Kinect, and I can only be thankful that I don’t have a Kinect, because I’m pretty sure this would only lead to me breaking bones and furniture as I flail around the living room.

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