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This is what it looks like when a tiny frog gets too close to a rocket launch. Fly high, little froggie.

This is what it looks like when a tiny frog gets too close to a rocket launch. Fly high, little froggie.


Nature has given us frogs that practice necrophilia, so there’s that.

Biologists have observed that in certain populations of frogs the males outnumber the females.  This leads to gang-rape on a massive scale and the poor female normally gets crushed to death in the process.  All is not lost, however, as evolution has managed to teach the males how to extract the dead female’s eggs after her expiration, enabling that sweet genetic material to continue the miracle we call ‘life’.

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Japanese frog with a bone claw in its hand is the most awesome frog ever

Frogs are pretty awesome, and they’re a pretty varied bunch of creatures with all kinds of badass weapons. While poison is cool, but the Otton frog of Japan has a cleverly hidden bone knife/claw thing in its hands, so it can totally fuck your world up if you try and get in on its froggy turf.

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And now, here’s a frog sitting on a bench like a person

Poor frog… he’s got to take the bus since his car got toad.

Sure, WTF it’s Friday: Make this bullfrog hum the Star Wars Imperial March

If you just let this video play through, the bullfrog is making some weird noises that sound like the phrase “weed poop”, but once the video is fully loaded, you can hit the following number keys to get him to hum the Imperial March:

6 6 6 8 56 8 56 3 3 3 2 56 8 56 8 56



Zombie frog underwater ballet is truly weird science

Using a lab full of dead frogs due for dissection, some electrical current and some music, this is one of the strangest ballets you’ll see today. Or tomorrow for that matter.


Bullfrog is also pretty good at catching virtual smartphone bugs

The end makes this video totally worth it. The bullfrog don’t take no shit, unlike this lizard that is just hypnotized by the bug squashing game.

Rainbow toad, thought to be extinct, is re-discovered in Borneo

For almost 90 years, it was thought that Ansonia latidisca, also known as the rainbow toad, had gone extinct. But just to make sure, with the hope that some still existed, researchers trekked through the dense jungles of Borneo until they found one.

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Animal welfare be damned, China wants its chemically dyed pet frogs.

Well it’s not like China’s well known for giving a damn about destroying the environment, harvesting organs from prisoners that aren’t on death row and dumping dangerous chemicals into food and water supplies, so it’s not surprising that the new pet craze in the country are frogs that have been dyed bright colors by blasting them with large amounts of industrials chemicals.

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Frog bladders seek out and get rid of foreign objects

Researchers studying frogs have discovered that frogs and toads of several different species have a very strange ability— they can shuttle large foreign objects down to their bladder for removal. Scientists figured this out after radio tagging frogs only to find some time later that the frogs had either pissed out the tags or the tags were sitting in the bladder waiting to be pushed out. That’s gotta burn.

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