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Legend of Zelda short film of the day: “Pot Smasher”

Seriously, what kind of dick just walks into someone’s house and smashes all their pots?

Milk Man is possibly the most awesomely disgusting superhero ever

I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of every video Freddie Wong does— sometimes they’re pretty neat, sometimes not— but Milk Man? This is pretty damn funny.

When Freddie Wong commutes to work, he commutes to work like it’s GTA

Freddie Wong’s lastest zillion views in two days video has him commuting to work like he’s got infinite lives and infinite ammo, which he does. In real life.

Freddie Wong and Jon Favreau team up for some Cowboys and Aliens shenanigans

So YouTube special effects wizard Freddie Wong apparently got a call from Cowboys and Aliens director Jon Favreau, who wanted him to do a promo for the movie, and gave him permission to do whatever he wanted as long as it tied in some way. 

Jon’s kid apparently LOVES our stuff – they’ve been watching our videos for months. Jon wanted to do something with us so he basically pulled a bunch of weight and told Universal to let us do ANYTHING. That meant shooting on the Universal lot for free, props and wardrobe from the movie free for our use, equipment, etc. It was a dream come true. So we came up with a ridiculous concept where it was basically cowboys versus the FreddieW channel, and sent it by him, and he was totally down.


Ain’t no fucking around with Medal of Honor Cat

Freddie Wong’s back, with a video about a cat who may be the only thing standing between freedom and tyranny.

Submitted by Milkboot

Freddie Wong goes Home Alone on some intruders

In sfx guy Freddie Wong’s newest video, a couple of burglars break into his apartment and get a bit of a surprise. Starts of kind of lame, but delivers in the end.

Thanks to Delsyd for the link

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