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Guy with two full sized dicks gives the best Reddit AMA ever.

WARNING: The condition is known as diphallia, and yes, there are pictures. Most people who have diphalia have one penis that’s full sized and one little barely formed penile nub. But this guy on Reddit has two full sized, fully functional dicks. And yes, he can stick both in the v, or on in the v-hole, the other in the b-hole at the same time. Holy shit.

// that’s enough internet for the month

Read it here, and check out this dude’s amazing pair here (NSFW)

Meet the man who fries chicken with his bare hands

Anyone feeling hungry? I could go for some fried chicken.

Unicorns versus sharks (sharks clearly out-numbered) plus various other costumed antics with clown noses at  Burning Man 2013

IHC After Dark: From the 1940s, here’s a guy that can be pierced straight through with a sword with no injury

Always those Indian mystics and their shenanigans…

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