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And in Florida news, woman gets third boob in the most Floridian attempt ever to get her own reality show

Just because there was that hooker in Total Recall with three boobs doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. But a woman from Florida that goes by the name of Jasmine Tridevil forked out $20,000 to have a third boob constructed in between her god-given girls because she’s given up on life and really really hopes her $20,000 will be an investment towards getting her own MTV reality show.

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Norwegian artist eats his own hip, says it tasted like wild sheep

A Norwegian artist cooked and ate his own hip— it had been deformed all his life, and he recently had it replaced— he claimed it tasted of “wild sheep”. Alexander Selvik Wengshoel said he served the hip bone with potato gratin and a glass of wine. He decided to eat a part of his own body on “a whim”. The hip bone, removed by doctors, has gone on display as part of an exhibition. The operation to remove the bone was filmed and forms part of the exhibition also.

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IHC After Dark freak show: The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow (1993)

A full performance by the amazing, legendary and super freaky Jim Rose Circus Sideshow from 1993.

One man’s crazy plan to collect every copy of Speed on VHS

Ryan Beitz, from Moscow, Idaho, wants to own every cassette copy of the 1994 masterpiece. One could say he’s a bit of a Speed freak.

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Guy with two full sized dicks gives the best Reddit AMA ever.

WARNING: The condition is known as diphallia, and yes, there are pictures. Most people who have diphalia have one penis that’s full sized and one little barely formed penile nub. But this guy on Reddit has two full sized, fully functional dicks. And yes, he can stick both in the v, or on in the v-hole, the other in the b-hole at the same time. Holy shit.

// that’s enough internet for the month

Read it here, and check out this dude’s amazing pair here (NSFW)

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