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Morning music: Zappa Plays Zappa, a son’s tribute to his father and his music

Coincidentally, I was there! It was my first ever concert, and it was a helluva show.

Frank Zappa: Montana

Live Zappa performances don’t get much better than this.

IHC After Dark: Frank Zappa at the Roxy 1973

He and the band take their time to feel around the music. Three-minute pop songs are great too, but there’s nothing quite like musical exploration that has so many tuneful moments

IHC After Dark: Frank Zappa on TV in 1969, talking about sex, sin and television

Frank Zappa discussing television, sin and language on Canadian TV show The Day It Is in 1969.


Documentary of the day: Frank Zappa (1971)

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a weekly Zappa, so here’s part 1 of Frank Zappa, a documentary by Roelof Kiers for VPRO TV, Holland, 1971. Choice quote: “Progress is not possible without deviation”.


Morning music: Frank Zappa”The Black Page”

My favourite version of “The Black Page” ….. of those found on YouTube anyway… I just felt inspired to submit caused by your Weekly Zappa ……

Terry Bozzio and Steve Vai with ZPZ ….. awesome …..

Morning music videos: “Bobby Brown” by Frank Zappa

We’ve got far too little Zappa on this site. Fact.

Thanks to Delsyd for the link

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