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Not surprisingly, the most pathetic coverage of the Murdoch hacking scandal is on Fox News

And not just Fox News, but the most pathetic show on Fox News, Fox and Friends. I fully expect Fox to take a softball approach to the Murdoch/News of the World hacking scandal, but Jesus, this is just sad on a level that I didn’t expect. I love how they turn the conversation to “those damn hackers” and “the hacking problem in general” as if Anonymous were the ones that hacked into all those cell phones, not News of the World. You’re just fucking pathetic, Fox. Pathetic.


More Kardashian: Khloe lets it all hang out on TV (NSFW)

For some reason, last week, Fox and Friends had Khloe Kardashian on to hear her opinions on the economy. Like any of the Kardashian sisters have any fucking clue. But for much of the broadcast, Khloe had her right nipple peeking out through her sheer shirt. 

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Fox & Friends goes full retard over Crayola’s skin tone magic markers

Well, I guess it’s sort of redundant to say that Fox & Friends goes full retard, because that’s their only speed, but they recently turned their derp engine up to 11 and went after Crayola’s multicultured colored magic markers. 

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Gretchen Carlsen talks to a little boy who says that Heaven really exists because he saw it when he was in surgery. Case closed, everyone go home, Fox wins, Gretchen is the smartest person ever. Are we really turning into an Invention of Lying world?


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