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The Muppets fire back at Fox News

At a UK press conference following the premiere of The Muppets, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy fire back against Fox News’ assertion that the film was pushing a ‘dangerous liberal agenda’ at kids.

via The Uniblog

Fox Business calls the Muppets “Communist”

“The Muppets are back and being terrorized by an evil oil executive in their new movie. Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful business man as evil… That’s not new.”


Fox News interviews Occupy Wall Street protester, gets more than they bargained for

Oh look, it’s someone out protesting who actually has a brain and knows why he’s protesting. Your move, Tea Party.

News Corp reaches new levels of petty stupidity by attacking Obama over using a paper clip

Yeah, you read that right. If you thought that Fox News couldn’t get any more retarded and childish and petty… yeah, they can. They can always manage to find new ways of raising the bar of stupidity. This time, it’s over the fact that Obama used a large paper clip of file clip or whatever you want to call it on his jobs proposal. OFFICE SUPPLIES. THE OUTRAGE.

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Bill Nye gives Fox News a science lesson, which is like trying to teach algebra to a dog

So Bill Nye gives a little lesson to Fox News during a discussion of volcanoes on the Moon. It’s sad that he should even have to, though. I assume that anchors on Fox News are adults who have more than a second grade education, but time and time again, I’m proved wrong. Billy Nye 1, Fox News 0.

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Bill O’Reilly: Media labeling Anders Breivik ‘Christian’ because they don’t like Christians

Okay Bill, I know you’ve got to make your paycheck count, but you don’t have to go back to trying to be the Fox News crazy guy now that Glenn Beck is gone. With Beck going off the deep end on a daily basis, for a while, you became at times a voice of reason in a sea of hyperbole and fear-mongering. And now it looks like you’re back in that comfortable old chair. That comfortable old crazy guy chair that bought the extra wing on your house. 

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Fox News has their Twitter hacked, announces death of Obama

Fox News had their Twitter account hacked earlier today, and messages about the death of president Barack Obama began flooding their Twitter account. Fox released a statement acknowledging the hacking and apologized for any distress the faux news may have caused. At least there weren’t any photos of Bill O’Reilly’s cock.


Today was Glenn Beck’s last day on the air. Good night funnyman.

What with today being the last day of the Glenn Beck show, Media Matters put together this sad compilation of some of the best Beck moments. I don’t know how I’ll go on.


Hustler’s next porn parody targets Fox News. You can’t explain that.

The next target in the crosshairs of the Hustler porn parody machine will be Fox News, with “This Ain’t Fox News XXX” coming to DVD and Blu Ray June 14th. There’s so many characters in an interesting cast I’d love to see in this one. Other than Megyn Kelly (obvious), who would you want to see with multiple dicks in their ass with this porn parody?

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The Secret Service goes all herp herp derp on Twitter

The US Secret Service just recently got on Twitter for some reason and one of their first tweets was what you see above. Apparently some secret service agent was monitoring Fox News for some reason and got frustrated and thinking he was on his personal Twitter account, let the whole world let his feelings known. Needles to say, the Secret Service was not amused.

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Highlights from the first GOP presidential debate of the 2012 elections

Oh, you didn’t know there was a GOP debate a couple nights ago? I won’t fault you, since it was a weird mix of a bunch of people you either have never heard of and never will again, people you didn’t know were running or people who have absolutely no chance of getting the nomination. 

Fox News accidentally announces that President Obama is dead

But but… Obama is announcing that President Obama is dead? That’s sort of awesome. Has he just been a ghost all along? STAY TUNED.


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