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Watch a thought form in the brain of a zebrafish

Zebrafish are a favorite for scientists, since the tiny fish are translucent, allowing a look inside to processes that are normally hidden… including thought. This video is what it looks like when a zebrafish formulates a thought as something interesting swims in front of it.


True facts about the angler fish

They’re ugly, they’re creepy as hell and they live in deep parts of the ocean. 

Morning music: “One Pound Fish”, the official music video

Remember the one pound fish guy? Yeah, he’s got an official music video for that song.

Genetics researchers create a fish with legs. Because that’s what you do when you’re a genetic researcher.

If you’re getting paid to research and experiment with genetics, I would think you would be doing a disservice to the world if you weren’t doing crazy shit like inventing fish with legs. That’s exactly what biologists Renata Frietas and colleagues did when they injected genes into a zebrafish embryo to force it to grow legs.

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And now here’s some British fishmonger singing a song about a £1 fish

Or maybe the fish weighs one pound. But I think he’s referring to it costing one pound. 

Submitted by Christchurch Dude

400 lb black marlin tries to gore a fisherman to death. Yes, it was in Australia, because everything in Australia wants to kill you.

A nice black marlin off Cairns, Australia jumps and lands aboard the “Little Audrey.” The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries and the feisty marlin was released.

Fossil that was identified for over 100 years as a lemur is actually a fish. Oops.

Identifying and classifying bones and other remains that archaeologists dig out of the ground is much more difficult than it seems when you see the end result. But when all you’re finding is broken bits of bone, it takes a lot of work to properly figure out what you’re looking at. Like when archaeologists thought they had a seven million year old chunk of lemur, only to find out 100 years later that it’s actually a fish.

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Japanese puffer fish likes making sand circles at the bottom of the sea

The intricate circular pattern above wasn’t made by any manmade source, nor through some alien undersea device. Instead, it was made by a very ambitious puffer fish off the coast of Japan.

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The ISS gets its own aquarium. All it needs now is a lava lamp.

While I’m sure being on the International Space Station is incredibly awesome, until now it was sorely lacking a fish tank. But this fish tank isn’t just for amusement and relaxation. It’s serious science to measure the effects of marine animals in microgravity. FISH IN SPACE.

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Using a piranha as a pair of scissors

When you’re out in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon and you need to cut something, a piranha makes for a pretty good pair of shears. Just keep your fingers clear of those choppers.


Geekcraft of the day: Guy re-creates Super Mario Bros in a fish tank with Legos

As many Super Mario themed geekcrafty things I’ve seen, this does indeed set the bar sort of high. I want to be a fish now and live in this tank forever… which would be about a week.


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