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Flying through a fireworks display with a GoPro camera and a drone will make you love fireworks all over again

So last night you probably saw some fireworks if you live in the US, and no matter how beautiful they were, from your vantage point on a hill or a rooftop or wherever, you were still on the ground looking up. This video from GoPro puts you right in the middle of the smoke and color and explosions, and it’s honestly the most amazing fireworks video you’ll see today, probably this year, perhaps your entire lifetime.

Check out this amazing fireworks display created entirely in Fallout New Vegas

A fireworks display created entirely in Fallout New Vegas, using nothing but high-end laser weaponry, a missile launcher, and some unfortunate NPCs

Ashens shows off some New Years Indoor Fireworks!

You know things aren’t going well when snakes and sparklers are the top performers.

Parking lot fireworks go really wrong

Big cities like San Diego can fuck up fireworks, but people in parking lots with too many fireworks are even more entertaining. 

San Diego accidentally blows its entire fireworks wad in 15 seconds

Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of cities. And boy is it an amazing 15 seconds.

Here’s a stupid PSA from the 90s about fireworks safety

Dangerous Games is a ’90s illegal fireworks safety public service announcement video made by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal. Watch as The Preventor, a deep-voiced anti-fireworks superhero, steers a group of young boys away from dangerous 4th of July bottle rockets.


Tomorrow is July 4th, so here is this year’s fireworks fail compilation

Have fun with fireworks, and be safe. Or don’t. Maybe the gene pool doesn’t need you after all.

For 81 bucks, get the shape of your face (or your loved one’s face) in the night sky

Pure nightmare fuel.

Always wanted to see your face in lights? Now you can! With Personalised Fireworks you can plaster your smiling phizzog right across the night sky. 

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Chinese man drops a lit firecracker into a sewer, ignites sewer gases, nearly loses his face in front of his kids

You’re doing it so very wrong.

IHC After Dark: Fireworks plus coffee

What happens if you drop a firework in a cup of coffee? A friend of mine decides to find out. It does stir the coffee pretty well, but it tastes like scalded asshole.

IHCer’s friend has a New Year’s mortar mishap

IHCer mmc-rizzle and friends were celebrating the New Year, when someone tried to fire off a mortar that kind of backfired. Caution: The video gets sort of loud right near the end.

Crazy New Year’s fireworks display on the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai

When you’ve got the world’s tallest building, you’ve got half a vertical mile of fucking awesome fireworks you can use in your New Year’s Eve celebration. 

Daytime fireworks can be just as impressive as fireworks at night. Who knew?

At the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar this week, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang put on his largest “explosion event” of the last three years, utilizing microchip-controlled explosives to form incredible designs and patterns.


Scottish city’s fireworks festival goes all sorts of wrong

For this year’s Oban Fireworks Festival in Oban, Scotland, they were going to shoot off a whole lot of fireworks like they do every year, like the name implies. But due to a technical glitch, every single firework scheduled for the show went off at once in the course of a minute.

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