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Awesome new IHC thing: The live action comic book movie timeline

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now and it’s finally ready to be unveiled. It’s not quite as styled as I perhaps would have liked, but not everything has to be super fancy I suppose. Anyway, if you’ve ever been looking for one giant list of all the live-action movies and TV shows based on comic books and comic strips, here you go. Bookmark the shit for reference, because I’ll be updating it as new movies come out, get canceled etc.

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IHC’s Easter giveaway: Find Easter eggs hidden on the site and win $25 towards anything at Amazon

Easter is tomorrow, which means the Easter Bunny is going to be stopping by to bring you candy and goodies. And by “Easter Bunny”, we mean “IHC”, because it’s now time for IHC’s Easter Giveaway.

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IHC gets a chance to interview with Matt Senreich of Robot Chicken

When people think of who is behind the Emmy award winning Robot Chicken (now in it’s 5th season), they think Seth Green. But we had the rare opportunity to speak with Seth’s Robot Chicken better-half, Matt Senreich. We spoke to the co-creator & executive producer at the New York Comic-Con about smashing vintage toys, what’s up with the currently untitled Star Wars animated comedy series, and just plain geeking out.

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IHC movie reviews: The Town

Opening this weekend was The Town, which represents Ben Affleck’s second foray into feature-length film directing after Gone Baby Gone from 2007 and his third go-round at writing a feature length screenplay (Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone before that) and the result is an impressive, high-intensity, high action cops and robbers movie that ends up being something well worth seeing. By the end, the movie seems to run a little long, but it’s very well directed with an amazing A-list ensemble cast.

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September giveaway: Comment for a chance to win a copy of “A Little Box of Butters” South Park box set

Wow, is it really halfway through September and we haven’t had a September giveaway yet? Where’s my head been? Anyway, now we have one, so you can stop bitching (oddly enough, not a single person was bitching… hmm…). All you have to do is leave any comment below for a chance to win one of two copies of the new South Park Butters themed box set, “A Little Box of Butters”.

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IHC Movie Reviews: Machete (2010)

More than any other movie this year, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Machete like a kid looks forward to the mountain of presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Ever since I first saw the fake trailer in the middle of Planet Terror and Death Proof, I’ve been dreaming of the moment that Machete made it to the big screen for real. And now that it’s here, I’m not disappointed in the least. Machete is easily my favorite movie of this summer, with one of the most unique and memorable protagonists that Hollywood’s seen in a long time.

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If you’re musically inclined, join in on the IHC Music Collab Project

So, I have to say that I’m disappointed with the results of last week’s photography contest thing. Two people entered. One of them was myself and the other was Super PJ, with a couple of great photos he took in China. Really, people… how hard is it to photograph garbage?

Anyway, moving on. Last week, Dirtbag Kingdom sent me an email for an awesome idea for an IHC project that could be a lot of fun if people were to actually participate. It’s an IHC collaborative music project. As in, someone starts something and then passes it around and you see what happens. Before it can happen, I wanted to put a post out there to see i there’s any interest.

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Photograph this Shit: “Discarded”

This week’s Photograph this Shit theme is: “Discarded”. There’s lots of junk in our society and mostly no one pays much attention to it, other than to maybe throw it away. This week, I want you to take a picture of something that you find that’s discarded or maybe something you’ve discarded yourself. Just no shit or dead hookers, please. The photo above is an empty bag of Funyuns I found while walking the dog.

Post your pics below and I’ll compile them in a post this time next Thursday.

Enter to win $150 in awesome new clothes from JackThreads

JackThreads is a brand new, members-only online store with clothing and gear for guys with great prices and daily sales that are up to 80% retail prices. They call themselves “The Robin Hood of men’s clothing, minus the grand larceny and pointy hat.” The sign-up to see the deals on the site is free, but IHC and JackThreads are going one better than free— every person that signs up by clicking this link will get a $10 credit and it’ll enter you for a chance to win $150 in credit on the site.

And that’s it… all you have to do is to click on this signup link (it takes like 10 seconds or less) for free and you’re automatically entered for the $150 gift certificate and everyone that enters will get a $10 credit just for entering. 

Winners will be notified by JackThreads.

This Shit’s Been Photoshopped: This Little Monster

Last week’s PTS is closed and we’ve got a good dozen awesome photoshops from IHCers. You can see the original here, but it’s not nearly as awesome as what you guys did with it. 

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IHC imagines The Expendables in the decade it should have happened: The 1980s

Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables opens up in two weeks and that’s awesome and all. I fully expect it to be the most fist-pumping testosterone-filled movie in a long, long time, but when I see old man Stallone pumped up with HGH and old boring governator Schwarzeneggar in the trailers or in the posters, it makes me think that someone should have put together this film in the 1980s.

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Boozer’s great DVD giveaway! Comment and win!

We’ve got a brand new giveaway this week, courtesy of IHCer Boozer. He sent me a shit ton of pics that he took at Phoenix Comic Con, which I’ll be posting later this week, and with his hundreds of awesome photos, he also sent 2 DVDs for a giveaway prize.

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The latest comic for which I still have no name. This time hand-drawn and with less words. Thanks to Lexi for the joke. Also the pen I used sucked. Need to get a new one.

The latest comic for which I still have no name. This time hand-drawn and with less words. Thanks to Lexi for the joke. Also the pen I used sucked. Need to get a new one.

IHC Reviews Salt. The movie, not the chemical compound.

Salt is one of those movies that I like to go into not knowing much about. The trailer shows lots of good action, but that doesn’t mean much these days. The “Who is Salt?” campaign I thought was sort of stupid, but I figured with Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber it had potential. And as it turns out, Salt is a pretty good summer action movie that’s well-paced, decently written (even though it was written by the guy that wrote Ultraviolet) and some great, unique action sequences that make it worth watching, even if you wait til it comes on DVD and VOD.

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IHC Reviews The Karate Kid As A Fight To The Death Between Old And New

You may not be happy that there’s a Karate Kid remake, but it’s here nonetheless and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. This 2010 update, starring Will Smith’s son Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan follows the original storyline so closely that it doesn’t really have any surprises other than the fact that it does hold its own.

"You wanna fight? Bring it!"

But because it follows the original film nearly identically except for some surface features— China not California, Black not Italian, 11 years old not 16 and moving from Detroit, not Jersey— I think I’m going to eschew a normal review format and instead have an old fashioned martial arts battle. Karate vs kung fu.

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