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This fall, The Simpsons will meet the Griffins from Family Guy, and it looks both gimmicky and amazing

I just really hope I just didn’t see all the jokes. This is four and a half minutes and an episode is only 24 minutes, so… 

Family Guy kills off one of its better characters, then offers this moving tribute

I know I’ve talked shit about Family Guy here before, but this past year, it’s started to grow on me. And then Seth MacFarlane kills off Brian. Kill off Chris, dammit. He’s boring as hell and Seth Greene probably has other shit to do anyway. Are they going to bring Brian back? Is the family getting a new dog? I think Roger from American Dad should move in with them, only that would make AD far less watchable. Speaking of, kill off Klaus from American Dad. He’s totally pointless.

The Simpsons will be doing crossover episodes with Futurama and Family Guy next year

Next year the voice cast of The Simpsons will be very busy invading other cartoon worlds. Last week it was announced that Springfield and Quahog would meet in a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover, and now there’s been confirmation that there will also be a Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode. 

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This week’s Family Guy had this awesome Monty Python style intro

So over the past several months, I started watching more Family Guy and it’s really grown on me. So I used to talk shit about it… sue me. Anyway, last night’s episode had this awesome Monty Python intro. Enjoy.

Check out the trailer for the Family Guy XXX parody

I’m not a fan of Family Guy, and this porn parody doesn’t do the show any favors. But hell, at least there’s fucking. So that’s something.

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Things you may not know about Seth MacFarlane: He was supposed to have been on one of the planes that crashed into the WTC on 9/11

Something you may not know about Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, because it’s not something he really likes to talk about is how he almost died in a plane on 9/11, but he missed his flight by 10 minutes because of a hangover, a plane that 15 minutes later was being hijacked and later crashed into one of the towers of the WTC.

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Discovered Osama bin Laden outtakes video vs. Family Guy bit from 2006

As part of the ginormous cache of shit taken by Navy SEALs on the raid on bin Laden’s compound was an outtakes reel in which the ex-parrot can be seen flubbing his lines and it appears someone’s adjusting the lighting to get that perfect “No, I’m really in a cave” sort of feel. It’s not surprising that bin Laden would have done multiple takes, but it’s something that only Family Guy seems to have predicted, back in 2006.

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Check out the first trailer for Family Guy’s Return of the Jedi spoof

And when I say “spoof”, I mean shot-for-shot remake of Jedi in the same style as the first 2 Family Guy SW films. And to be honest, I’m not a fan of Family Guy, but some people are, so here it is.


Hustler’s next porn parody target? Family Guy. Oh dear.

Every company in the porn biz for the last few years has been mining the hell out of pop culture for porn parodies, but few times have live action porn parodies been made from cartoons. But Hustler isn’t afraid to go there. After the huge success of their Avatar XXX porn parody, they’re going to be tackling Family Guy.

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