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Daily Discussion: Unlikely Family Feud categories

Family Feud has been around for decades, and in that time has had thousands and thousands of audience polled categories that cover almost every topic. Almost. In today’s discussion, come up with some Family Feud categories that are unlikely to show up on the board any time soon.

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Family Feud has some strange contestants

"I wouldn’t wanna see that either…" Steve Harvey is officially a way better FF host than Louie Anderson. Also, how is "Gun/Occupant" the same answer? That’s really fucking vague.

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Family Feud has a penis moment

First off, I didn’t know Steve Harvey was hosting the Feud these days… I still thought it was that idiot Louie Anderson. Second, with a question like “Name one thing men say is bigger now than when they were 16”, how can “Penis” come in at 0 responses and how can anyone act surprised that someone answered “penis” to a question that’s obviously baiting it? Para-educator? What the hell is that?


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