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Prancercising is the exercise craze that’s sweeping the interwebs

This woman seems serious about prancing around like a sparkly pony.

Korean horse riding exercise machine, when you really want to hump hump hump your way to fitness

In a world with some pretty embarrassing exercise machines, this one from South Korea wins the prize for the kinkiest.

48 player Dance Dance Revolution coming to classrooms

Konami is making it easier for schools to use Dance Dance Revolution for fitness programs, with a new version designed specifically for schools. Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition, being unveiled Feb. 24 at the CAHPERD Conference, will allow up to 48 fat asses to play at once.

PE is about to get a lot more awesome. Or at least more musical.


The key to the perfect body? Fun w trampoline. I found this in a Chinese bakery on 34th street in NYC.

The key to the perfect body? Fun w trampoline. I found this in a Chinese bakery on 34th street in NYC.

The Nike+ Fuelband encourages you to get off your ass and work out

If you need some personal encouragement to get more exercise or to hone your current exercise routine, the Nike+ Fuelband wants to be your little personal coach. It’s a Bluetooth enabled and LED embedded little rubber bracelet that keeps up with your physical activity and encourages you to push yourself to your goals.

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IHC After Dark: Get ripped with the Tug Toner

If the Shake Weight wasn’t enough for you, get your tug on with the Tug Toner.

Submitted by solembow

IHC After Dark: Professor Solomon dons the Exercise Helmet

Exercise and poetry ensues

IHC After Dark: A baby doing sit-ups

Or made to look like she’s doing sit-ups by her dad. She doesn’t seem to happy about it.

Get in shape and stay creepy with the Spider-Man Training Studio

The instructional video for the Master Moves Spider-Man Training Studio gets an uncomfortable edit by JDobbsRosa. DOC KNOCKER!


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