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Jersey City PATH escalator accidentally starts going in reverse, hilarity ensues

No one was injured when this up escalator at a Jersey City PATH station started going backwards, but boy is it hilarious to watch.


One of the poorest slums in Colombia gets outdoor escalators. So they’ve got that now.

In one of the poorest slums in the country, in the city of Medellin, Colombia, the government has put up a series of fancy and expensive outdoor escalators so the slum residents don’t have to walk up and down stairs. I guess using that money to actually give them cheap houses that aren’t rotting, falling apart shacks would have been too obvious.

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Woman has a hard time going the wrong way on the escalator

Hoooly shit stop submitting this already, fine I’ll post it. Personally, I only thought it was mildly funny but it’s been been submitted about once an hour for the past day so fuck here it is. It would be way better without the cackling hyenas in the background and maybe some Yakety Sax.- CBZ

Old man from Papua New Guinea has a hard time understanding an escalator

Some parts of Papua New Guinea are modern while other parts are still very, very tribal. So when an old man visits the big city and sees an escalator for the first time, his mind is blown.


The Levytator is a free-flowing escalator that can go around curves

The Levytator, developed at the University of London is an escalator that due to the shape of its steps, can bend and curve, go up and down hills and around corners and however else the architect desires. 

The patented design was invented by Professor Jack Levy of the City University, London. I wonder at which point the Professor realized that combining his name with the word escalator would be both inevitable and awesome? There are a couple of problems. One, as pointed out in a rare, lucid YouTube comment, is getting the moving handrail to follow the bendy course of the steps. The other is a human trouble. If you have ever been on an escalator that flattens out momentarily mid-climb, then you’ll know it can be quite disorientating. Add swooping curves into the mix and you might get a lot of dizzy, tumbling passengers.


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