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ESA working to develop hypersonic airliner for 2040

It was sort of a bummer when the Concorde stopped flying, but airlines wanted to go cheaper and more economical, not faster. But that’s going to change in the coming decades, as technology advances and the demand of super high speed air travel increases. But the new generation of fast planes won’t be as fast as the Concorde. They’ll be much, much faster. This concept from the ESA would take 300 passengers blazing above the Earth at Mach 5.

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520 days of a simulated trip to Mars in 15 minutes

The crew of Mars 500 just emerged from 520 days of living isolated in a very cramped living space to simulate some of the social and psychological repercussions of the long trip to and from Mars. Of course, it’s not exact, but nothing like this has been attempted before and it’s sort of surprising everyone made it with what appears to be a minimal amount of personal friction.


Europe and Russia team up to be the first to put a man on Mars. OH HELL NO.

While the US has said that it’s hoping to have a person on Mars by 2030-ish, former rivals Russia and the European Space Agency have teamed up to try and beat America to the red planet. Looks like we’ve got ourselves an old fashioned space race!

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