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Things you should never, ever do while running for president of anywhere: Mention Hitler as a pioneer in green energy

This would have been a pretty piss poor answer to a question about the future of American energy anyway, but then Mitt had to go and mention Hitler as an innovator in energy solutions. Even though you can tell by the end of that sentence fragment, Romney knows he shouldn’t have mentioned Hitler, it’s too late to take it back.


How long would the U.S. burn through 75 million cubic meters of wood? About 2.5 years.

So here’s the deal: You have 75 million cubic meters of wood and need to do something with it?  Why not power an entire country like the U.S.?  Well, not so much.  Assuming we could transport it and build power plants and upgrade our entire grid and cars and home heating systems FOR FREE, that much wood (about 20.7 million cord, enough wood to completely fill Manhattan almost 1 meter deep) would only last 2.25 to 2.75 years.

The photo above, from a stockpile in Sweden, is only 1 million cubic meters of lumber. 


Construction of the first nuclear reactor in the US since 1978 gets approved

Since 1978, there’s been a moratorium on building new nuclear reactors in the US, so current reactors have had to keep upgrading as much as they can. But the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission just recently okayed the first new reactor since ‘78 that will be built near Augusta, Georgia. 

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Japan’s post-nuclear energy future involves mining “fire ice” from the sea. How cool does that sound?

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster (though it’s not over yet), Japan has been looking at all sorts of ways to go completely nuclear-free in the future. There’s wind power and wave power and solar power and all sorts of options, but the coolest and most futuristic sounding is the mining of “fire ice”. Yes ma’am. Combustible ice.

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The next big alternative fuel source could be urine

Piss. Everybody makes it and unless you’re one of those kinky fuckers, we usually don’t have much use for it. But scientists in China, where I hear piss is everywhere, have developed a method to use urine to extract electricity and pure, clean water. Maybe one day your car might be powered by these magical Chinese pee machines. Maybe one day, Chinese putting pee-pee in your Coke might not be a joke at all.

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