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Brazil is tired of America snooping through its email, plans to roll out NSA-proof email network

When it was discovered that the American intelligence community was not just reading the digital communications of its own citizens, but those of people around the world, including foreign leaders to try and get an edge in standard diplomatic negotiations, it pissed a whole lot of people around the globe. Brazil has taken a decisive step against American prying by building a national email infrastructure that will hopefully keep the NSA out of government and private email communications.

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The NSA is also peeking into your address books and contact lists. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

So you like that the NSA can read your emails whenever the fuck they want, despite whatever security measures you think you have? They also are all up in your address book and contacts lists as well. They probably know when and where you fart, swear and roll your eyes all in the name of data mining for global security.

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The Email Guitar mod lets you type while playing guitar

It’s sort of slow, but it’s still way cooler than typing.

Apple is instantly nuking iCloud emails with the phrase “barely legal teen” in them

Some email services have more aggressive spam filters than others, but recently, it looks like Apple has been insta-deleting any email sent with the phrase “barely legal teen”. Obviously, this is an attempt to try and nip people networking for kiddie porn, but they’ll just use a new phrase if they use that phrase already in their emails to each other. I don’t even want to think about those emails. Gaaah my brain.

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Holiday mission of truthiness: Install LazyTruth Gmail filter and instantly fact-check those family emails

Untrue or exaggerated chain emails from family members who can’t or won’t do a simple Google search for the truth isn’t new, but with the holidays in the air, and people communicating more this time of year with relatives, you may be getting more of them than normal. So if you have Gmail, but especially if you end up “fixing computer problems” (ie, “My computer is slow because of all these trojans), you might take the opportunity to add LazyTruth to a relative’s Gmail account.

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Microsoft replaces Hotmail with, takes webmail back to the basics

A lot of people have been praising the Windows 8 version of Outlook, and today Microsoft officially launched to the public. Outlook webmail will eventually replace, and email addresses.

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Google buys Sparrow, puts them directly to work on Gmail

I prefer webmail over mail clients, but since I discovered Sparrow for Mac about a year ago, it’s been the only mail client app I’ve really liked in a long time. And then today, Google announced it had bought Sparrow, putting Sparrow employees to work on changing Gmail. 

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Microsoft really, really wants you to take a second look at Hotmail, claims to not just be for old people anymore

When Microsoft bought Hotmail in the 90s, it was a pretty decent webmail choice… and then it pretty much stayed stagnant for decades. But now, Microsoft has been putting some serious effort to try and catch it up to the likes of Gmail. Is it there yet? No, but with the addition of starred messages and folders (high tech!) as well as all sorts of custom instant actions and some other bells and whistles, it’s getting there and you’ve got to give them points for trying. Finally.

Do you use Hotmail? Would you even consider Hotmail at this point?

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Nothing good out of Sarah Palin’s email, but there is this stupid joke about an Indian with one testicle

I’m not entirely sure what anyone was hoping to find when several major press outlets put in a FOIA request for tens of thousands of Sarah Palin’s emails back in 2008, but now that we finally have them in 2011, there seems to be a whole lot of nothin’. Unless you count this stupid email fwd joke about an Indian with one nut.

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It appears there is a very feasible way to kill worldwide spam after all

So far in the fight against deceptive spam email, the strategy has been to go after the companies and the botnets that create and churn out the spam, but there’s actually a much simpler strategy: Go after the money. Even if your spam is mostly filtered out and you don’t click through, there’s so much of the stuff that enough people do click on it and companies still make a shit ton of money making it. But it turns out that 95% of the spam in the world use only 3 banks. So go after the banks and you can choke out the problem.

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Attention: “E-mail” has officially been changed to “email”. “Internet” vs. “internet” still pending

Today is truly a landmark day in the evolution of the English language, as the AP stylebook has officially changed the spelling of “e-mail” to “email”. I haven’t read the stylebook since college, but is it technically okay to use “internet”, or is “Internet” still preferred? Also, do people indent paragraphs anymore? That’s so 1990s.


Daily Discussion: Post some good spam email

I just got a kind of funny and mostly sad 419 / Advance Fee Fraud email that’s switched countries to Libya. They didn’t even get Gaddafi’s name spelled right. What are some good spam emails you’ve gotten lately?

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The really creepy, lovesick emails of Julian Assange

What with Wikileaks exposing everyone else’s secrets, a number of media outlets including Gawker have decided to peek into the past of Julian Assange and have found out unsurprisingly that he’s sort of an egomaniac and a bit creepy when it comes to matters of love. I don’t know why that’s not surprising considering that I’ve never met the man, but it seems that he would be sort of a player.

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