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Don’t worry, it’s just a little electrostatic discharge

And a little discharge never hurt anybody. Except for this guy. Several times.


Super simple electric motor spins at over 5000 rpm with only a battery, a couple magnets and a screw

Over 5,000rpm using four AA batteries, two ball bearings, small screw, fine copper wire and neo magnets. Homopolar rotation is caused when current flows through the metal jacket of the neo magnet. This causes a perpendicular right handed force (Lorentz Law). WHY this occurs is still a mystery to science. The right hand spin is possibly a universal force and is closely connected to both electrical current and magnetic fields and may also be responsible for gravitational and inertial effects.

Submitted by QB1o

Two men on Tesla coils battle with electricity

At the Belfast Festival at Queen’s in Ireland, two performance artists put on a mesmerizing stage fight using special suits and tesla coils.

Tesla Supercharger network fills EVs with sun juice in 30 mins

While electric cars are good for the environment, they haven’t yet taken over the road because of the lack of a nationwide charging infrastructure. Oh, and a global conspiracy by oil companies. But a new charging system from Tesla takes solar power and uses it to fill up an electric vehicle in less time than it takes to fill your tank with gasoline.

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Watch God try and smite an SUV driver with lightning

A guy is just going down the highway with everyone else, in a rain storm, when all of a sudden, God is like YOU IN THAT CAR DOWN THERE! FUCK YOU AH HA HA HA!

Where the Hell is Matt takes 10,000 volts from a Tesla cannon for science

Matt Harding, form the ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ videos gets shocked by Matt Inman from The Oatmeal in a fun and painful display of science. Thank you, internets.

Saturday science: In zero gravity, static electricity walks on water

Astronaut Don Pettit demonstrated the laws of static electricity on Space Station with the help of a water dropper and grandma’s sweater maker: knitting needle.

Submitted by bleoag

Simple motor made from Buckyballs, a battery and wire

YouTube user graybum devises many simple and ingenious uses for Buckyballs, such as this amazing electric motor. It’s not got enough power to do anything useful, but it is a cool demonstration of basic electrical principles.


Researchers create fabric that converts body heat into electricity

Researchers at Wake Forest University have developed what could be the green personal energy source of the future— your clothing. Presuming you wear clothes. They’ve created a fabric consisting of carbon nanotubes that uses minor temperature variations across your body and in your environment to generate electricity.

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One man’s quest to create the perfect smile through electrocution

Back in the 19th century, people were keen on all sorts of crazy fucking medical experimentation. One man, Guillaume Duchenne, was obsessed with finding the perfect smile. And his method to find the perfect smile involved using electricity to shock various parts of the face, from people of all ages and walks of life, in order to force them to smile.

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How’d you like to help build a pair of 10 story Tesla coils?

While there’s quite a bit we know about weather, lightning is still mainly a mystery. Oh sure, we know what lightning is, but scientists aren’t exactly sure why it exists or exactly what causes it. Now one meteorologist has started a Kickstarter project to build two giant Tesla coils to try and get to the bottom of the lightning mystery.

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