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Live Stream of Elder Scrolls Online Beta weekend!

Greetings IHC, gozar_the_destroyer here.

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can stream some of the Beta Weekend for Elder Scrolls Online. My friend Ogre and I will be on tonight until some time in the early hours of the morning and on Sunday in the afternoon till 4 PM Pacific. We might also be on tomorrow afternoon, but will be changing the stream to a Pathfinder game (Ogre is running it) at 6 PM Pacific until late that night.

Remember that this is Beta and that things are likely to be changed by the time the game comes out. With this being a Beta test AND it is an Elder Scrolls game, there will be crashes and hilarious/weird errors.

Warning: audio commentary might will be NSFW on the channel.

See you online.

Link to channel:

Elder Scrolls Online given release date of April 4, 2014

On April 4 of next year Elder Scrolls Online will be released for both PC and Mac. Say goodbye to your free time and social life. XboxOne and PS4 players will have to wait till June. I have been keeping up with the press releases and content on the web site and from what I have seen it looks like it will be more of a Skyrim multiplayer and less of a normal MMO. Take a look around yourself to get what I am talking about. I am just as sure that I am going to play this as I was when the last 4 Elder Scrolls games came out.

Official announcement here.

Check out the newest trailer forThe Elder Scrolls Online, “The Alliances”

Still no exact date for the release of Elder Scrolls Online other than some time this year, but you can sign up for the closed beta. OHGOD.

E3 2012: Check out the teaser trailer for Elder Scrolls Online

I know it’s just a teaser and there’s no actual in-game footage, but I’m still pretty fucking excited.

Also, read more about the making of ESO

Elder Scroll Online’s main story will be 100% solo

One of the main things that Bethesda wants to convey with Elder Scrolls Online is that you’re still a one-man badass wrecking crew, so with the upcoming MMO, they’ve said the main story is going to be a solo affair. So no grouping with other losers to squabble over loot— it’s still going to be you versus a dragon or whatnot.

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First screenshot of Elder Scrolls Online
It doesn’t reveal a whole lot of anything, but it does look nice. What do you think?

First screenshot of Elder Scrolls Online

It doesn’t reveal a whole lot of anything, but it does look nice. What do you think?


The first official teaser trailer for Elder Scrolls Online

As with any good teaser trailer, this first teaser for Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t reveal much, but it does get me excited about next year’s release. Unless, as some commenters have said, that it means Bethesda will just focus on Elder Scrolls Online for years and years and never give the world a proper ES game again.

The Elder Scrolls Online MMO is coming next year. NEXT YEAR.

When Elder Scrolls: Skyrim came out, many began wondering when or if Bethesda would actually come out with an Elder Scrolls MMO. Next year, friend. Today, Bethesda announced that Elder Scrolls Online would be coming out some time in 2013.

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