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King Tut was buried with a hard-on to try and quash religious rebellion. Glad that’s worked well so far for Egypt.

When the young King Tut was buried, he was given his dead penis a full salute, standing up at a straight 90 degree angle. This hasn’t entirely been clear, but one egyptologist  Salima Ikram, a professor at the American University in Cairo, has argued that the unusual burial of King Tut was an attempt to make him appear as Osiris, the god of the afterlife, to counter attempts by King Akhenaten to establish a monotheistic religion.

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Upon further examination, it appears that King Tut’s body was charred after a botched embalming

While King Tut wasn’t the biggest deal ever on the Nile compared to the achievements of other ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the fact that so much of him and his belongings were in tact has made him incredibly important to historians. Though Tut has been very thoroughly examined since his discovery in 1922, it was only until now that scientists realized that his embalming didn’t go well, leading to his body being marred all over by postmortem chemical burns. 

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As it turns out, the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed mostly by government budget cuts, not fire

The burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, the destruction of tens of thousands of scrolls, the rivers running black with ink, is one of the great intellectual tragedies of history, but it may not have all gone down as books and Hollywood have described. The remains of the Great Library show almost no evidence of fire or destruction— as it turns out, the Library was nearly dead from government budget cuts before Caesar destroyed a warehouse full of scrolls bound for export.

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While in Egypt, Jon Stewart visits his comedic counterpart Baseem Youssef (In Arabic)

Comedian and talk show host Baseem Youssef has really pissed off the Egyptian government with the kind of sharp, witty political commentary that has made Jon Stewart a star in the US… even after the Arab Spring uprisings, those in power in Egypt can’t really take a joke. So after Youssef had appeared a couple times on The Daily Show, while Jon Stewart is off making a movie in Egypt, he stopped by Youssef’s show to return the favor, and even though it’s in Arabic, the whole way Stewart comes out is brilliant. Also, Jon Stewart has a beard now, which I hope he never gets rid of, but he probably will.

4000 year old Egyptian statue mysteriously rotates on its own. IT’S A CURSE.

This time-lapsed footage captured on surveillance camera shows the 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian relic of Neb-Senu gradually spinning in its display case over the course of a week. For the last eight decades, the statue remained stationary until caretaker Campbell Price noticed a shift in its placement that would return each day after being adjusted. While Price speculates the artifact’s movement might be explained by the disturbance of an “ancient spirit,” physicist Brian Cox believes that the rotation may have been caused by a process know as “differential friction,” in which subtle vibrations can make an object turn on its axis.


Chinese teenager defaces ancient Egyptian art, pisses off everybody

With Chinese tourism exploding around the world, there are a lot of Chinese who are off seeing the world when only a generation ago, such things were impossible. And sometimes these new world travelers have gotten a bad rap for being unruly. And so when a 15 year old Chinese teenager, visiting the monuments of Egypt with his parents, decided it would be fun to deface ancient Egyptian art, it managed to piss off pretty much everybody.

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Underground tunnel smuggles delicious KFC from Egypt to Gaza

Probably because chicken is fucking delicious and pork is a no-no in Islam, KFC does incredibly good business in North Africa and the Middle East. KFC is so popular in the Arabic world that when people in Gaza were unable to get the Colonel’s secret recipe by normal means, people built a secret tunnel to smuggle the stuff up from Egypt.

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Crazy russians illegally climbed the pyramids of Egypt and took these incredible photos

Last week, a group of Russians photographers  apparently climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. They hid from guards for four hours after the end of the visits and began to climb. According to one of the photographers, climb the pyramid can give punishment of one to three years. But it was worth it. “I was speechless,” he wrote. “I felt a creepy pleasure, an absolute happiness.” 

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Three weeks before Passover, Egypt gets hit with one of its worst locust swarms in a long time

This happens every year, but this year’s swarm is apparently quite a bit bigger than normal. That’s Moses fuckin’ with ya.

And in non Black Friday news, Egypt’s president goes for a power grab, pisses most people off

Right now, Egypt is in a weird place. President Mohammed Morsi is replacing the ousted Hosni Mubarek, and he’s being watched carefully by the Arab world, by Israel, by the US, UN and the people of Egypt. Shit’s about to blow up in the Middle East again, and Morsi is trying to balance loyalties… so when today he announced he was granting himself new powers like a complete lack of judicial oversight, it pissed of Egyptians and it pissed off the US State Department.

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Archaeologists unveil the world’s oldest D20
Romans may have used 20-Sided die almost two millennia before D&D, but people in ancient Egypt were casting icosahedra even earlier. Pictured above is a twenty-faced die dating from somewhere between 304 and 30 B.C., a timespan also known as Egypt’s Ptolemaic Period.

Archaeologists unveil the world’s oldest D20

Romans may have used 20-Sided die almost two millennia before D&D, but people in ancient Egypt were casting icosahedra even earlier. Pictured above is a twenty-faced die dating from somewhere between 304 and 30 B.C., a timespan also known as Egypt’s Ptolemaic Period.


Meet the guy with the world’s biggest biceps. What a douche.

No really, what a douche. Twenty four year old Moustafa “Big Mo” Ismail of Egypt officially has the title of the world’s biggest biceps. Apparently, he’s moving to America to have access to better training equipment to get SUPER DUPER BICEPS.

Finally I would like to point out it kinda looks like he had breast implants, but in his arms.


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