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Help bring Reading Rainbow back with Kickstarter funds

Some things are just worth supporting. I grew up with this show and to this day I would say it was a huge influence in my desire to read. While it has already met it’s million dollar goal let’s try and push it to keep the program going for years to come.

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LEGO is opening a school in Denmark. The most awesome school ever.

The world’s first LEGO school will soon open up in Denmark, where kids will be immersed in a colorful LEGO world of creativity and imagination. Damn lucky Danish kids.

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Texas School Board Goes Full-On Retard, Rejects Critical Thinking


Sometimes you find something so ridiculous, so incredibly implausible, that it just sort of makes you challenge your own reality.  I literally am having a hard time believing that an organized body of the government, composed of members elected by The People, would even remotely come to this level of balls-out audacity and general ignorance.  Texas, you are a goddamn blight on our nation (sorry Austin & Houston, I actually kind of like you but the rest of your family is fucking nuts).

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Tony Danza spent a year teaching public school and has a message for parents

Like many others across America, actor Tony Danza knows there’s a problem with public schools in this country. Politicians know it, teachers, parents, students know it. We’re lagging behind, often way behind much of the world in the quality of public education, and so Danza spent a year teaching 10th grade English in Philadelphia to see if he could figure out what was wrong and convey it to the rest of the country.

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Louisiana private school teaches the Loch Ness monster is real to disprove evolution

Continuing the trend of encouraging a love of stupidity, a private Christian school in Louisiana has begun including the Loch Ness monster in its biology curriculum. The inclusion of the monster is all about trying to somehow disprove evolution by talking about fake monsters. Because that makes as much logical sense as proving existence with an invisible being.

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Valve launches ‘Teach With Portals’, a physics learning tool administered by GLaDOS

Just by playing either of the Portal games, you might have learned a little bit more about physics than you already knew, or maybe it just helped solidify scientific concepts in your brain, after failing over and over again. Realizing that Portal could be a good tool to teach kids the basics of physics, they launched ‘Teach With Portals’, a learning tool for teachers to use in their classrooms.

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The Star Trek Book of Opposites is the only way to teach your adopted Klingon child

If you’ve got kids, or if you’re planning on having kids, there comes a point where you’ll have to actually supply them with some educational material to feed their growing little brains. And while you could run out to Wal-Mart to pick up some stupid Veggie Tales book, if you’re going to raise a child as a proper geek, the way to go should be David Borgenicht’s Star Trek Book of Opposites.

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Salman Khan on the next step in learning across borders

This man deserves a Nobel Peace Prize on how he got started teaching mathematics over the internet and where it goes from here. 

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Life changing documentary: “A Class Divided”

In 1968, prompted by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Elliot, a teacher at a small all-white elementary school in Iowa started one of the most incredible and ballsy experiments and lessons in discrimination. Some of you might have seen this film before and others may have not. Either way, you should take time out of your day to watch this amazing film. I had never seen it, but my wife had to watch it for an education class she’s taking in college.

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Changing education paradigms for the 21st century

Currently, almost every country on Earth is looking to drastically reform its education system. The problem is that almost every education system on Earth is currently modeled on the factories of Industrial Revolution era America and Great Britain, but this system is outdated and may not meet the needs of future generations. So how do we change it?

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