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Duracell wants to be the next Dropbox. Yes, that Duracell.

Every day, it seems another company wants to get into the cloud storage business, but most of those companies are already in the business if data. Now battery maker Duracell wants to get into the game, with a clever plan to try and beat the likes of Dropbox. For $20 per month, you’ll get a 1 terabyte hard drive and unlimited cloud storage, the company says. Business-tier service starts at $199 and comes with a 2 TB local drive and unlimited cloud storage. To compare, Dropbox offers 2GB of storage for free. For $10 per month, their “Pro” plan gives you to 100 GB and $15 gets small businesses unlimited storage.

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Duracell and Starbucks test wireless charging spots in Boston

Mobile devices and coffee shops go hand in hand, but what if you need a charge? Carry your cord around and then look for that one open outlet behind a couch somewhere? In the near future, you could charge your tablet or phone just by sitting it on a table or counter. Duracell and Starbucks have teamed up to bring this very technology to Boston Starbucks locations, and it could come nationwide at some point.

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Morning music videos: “Space Harrier + Turrican themes” by Duracell

Enough of the stupid Super Mario themes. Step up your game god dammit.



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