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Deal of the Day: Duke Nukem 3D, free for PC and Mac

Deals are deals, but rarely do you see “free” as the deal. But until the 14th, you can download Duke Nukem 3D for both Mac and PC completely free from All you have to do is sign up for the site, which you may have done already and voila. Free Duke Nukem.


Duke Nukem 3D hits the Android Market

The original version of Duke Nukem 3D hit the Android Market the other day, so if you’ve got an Android phone running 1.6 or higher, you can snag this FPS classic for just 99 cents. 


IHC Video Game Reviews: Duke Nukem Forever

Some of you may be a little to young to remember this, but in ’96, 3D Realms released Duke Nukem 3D, a title which became in instant first person shooter classic. Fifteen years later, after wandering around in development hell, Duke Nukem Forever is out, and I gotta say, DNF was an unforgettable ride. A terrible ride that rapidly descends into a genre-confused Hell, the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

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One of Duke Nukem victim’s gets an autopsy

You ever wonder what happens with all those creatures you destroy when running through an FPS, giant machine gun in hand? Something kind of like this. Nasty.

Brand new Duke Nukem forever trailer has explosions, aliens and virtual boobies (NSFW)

DNF got delayed a little bit again, but at least this time there’s lots of boobies and explosions and guns to tide you over.

Duke Nukem Forever shit-flinging trailer

Ah, so this is why the game is being delayed again… to work on the shit flinging physics. 


Thanks to Delsyd for the link

Yes, there will be kissing lesbian schoolgirls in Duke Nukem Forever

This is a video from PAX East, showing off some Duke Nukem Forever gameplay, which has lots of big guns, lots of enemies, lots of funny dialogue as well as a healthy dose of smuttiness. From what I’ve heard, Duke Nukem definitely has the boobs and the guns, but I hear that the controls are pretty bad and that the game isn’t all that. At least that’s what some people who have gotten to play it have told me.


Duke Nukem Forever “Balls of Steel” edition revealed

You’ve waited way too long and now you not only want to get your hands on Duke Nukem Forever, but you want to get your paws on the collector’s edition. Well check this shit out for your fucking collector’s edition.

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Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date and a brand new trailer

May 3rd in North America, May 6th internationally. Put it on your calendar. Put it on your Zune or whatever the fuck. It’s coming for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


Come get some with this awesome Duke Nukem short fan film

"Duke: The Fate of Humanity" is a short film homage to the Duke Nukem franchise and a thank you to Gearbox for finally taking control of Duke Nukem Forever to make it a reality. Who would be a good Duke for a live action movie? My first thought would be Bruce Willis, but if he’s not available… Dolph Lundgren. He doesn’t have the voice, but whatever, they can fix that in post or something.


Still got your 1998 Duke Nukem Forever pre-order receipt? Good news.

Gearbox announced yesterday that if you’re one of the few (or maybe even one, above) people that still have been clinging onto your Duke Nukem pre-order receipt since 1998, they will honor it. Score! Wait… dammit. 

There’s no word as to whether GameStop will actually honor said deal (probably not), but for the one of you that still has your receipt, give Gearbox a call. They’d love to hear from you.


Duke Nukem live gameplay demo

Shown at the Firstlook Gaming Convention in Amsterdam, this is some of the first live gameplay footage released out into the wild.

Hell freezes over as Duke Nukem Forever is unveiled at PAX

Yes, that’s not a typo. Gearbox Software has taken over development of Duke Nukem Forever and the game was available for hands-on play today at PAX, with an official unveiling event later this weekend. But… but when Duke Nukem Forever comes out, where will we get all the obvious vaporware jokes from?


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