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Awesome kitten dubstep of the day: “Kittens on the Beat”

This video has made my day 400% better.

Chemistry Dubstep: PeriodicVideos goes funky

Dave and Adam of the Youtube channel Boy in a Band took sounds from several PeriodicVideos vids and created the most chemically cromulent dubstep you’ll hear before St. Swithen’s day.

Power Rangers dubstep? Yes, this is official Power Rangers dubstep

As an official promotion for the newest iteration of Power Rangers, they dance to a dubstep version of the classic theme.


Cute kittens flying in slow motion to dubstep

And here’s your entire Caturday, right here.


Who actually listens to Skrillex?

NOISEY host Josh Haddow goes to a Skrillex show to discover what his fans are like and whether or not they are part of a revolution.

Boat crash gets all Skrillexed

Nothing makes a really painful looking boat crash better than a little well-placed dubstep.

Morning music: A Tribe Called Red “Look at This”

This song blew my mind. It’s an interesting remix or take (albeit Dubstep), on traditional Native American songs. The album is free to download at¬†

Afternoon animation: “Dubstep Dispute”

A dispute among a group of droids turns funky when things go all dubstep. By Fluxel Media

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