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Morning wake-up: DRUMMING WITH FIRE

YouTuber COOP3RDRUMM3R you could say is metaphorically en fuego the whole time, but if you want to just want the actual fire, you can skip ahead to 3:00 I guess.

Morning music: Here’s another kid that’s a way better drummer than you

Meet Stickboy, the four armed, mohawked robotic drummer

The Stickboy robot is a 4-armed mohawked robo drummer made by Frank Barnes of Robocross Machines. He was built in 2007 and has an interesting repertoire ranging from The Banana Splits’ theme song to Black Sabbath’s Iron Man to T.N.T. by AC/DC and more.


Kid’s drum solo is so sick, it makes him puke, but he finishes anyway

The name of this video is “EPIC Drum Solo FAIL”, but I’d say if you can still finish your drum solo while blowing chunks, it’s a win.


Afternoon music: Astrophysicist rocks out the Rush

I saw the chick drummer (Israeli!) that someone posted and had to post this.  What is it?  Oh nothing, just your friendly neighborhood astrophysicist that fucking rocks the drums.  Yes, the guy’s an astrophysicist.  And yes, he plays Rush.

Sunday Metal Madness: Meytal Cohen does Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell”

Yeah, I know we just had a video of hers a few days ago, but no one else submitted something for SMM. And she’s sexy. So here she is again.

Submitted by discardedpackets

Afternoon music: Meytal Cohen rocking out to “Enter Sandman” 

Because hot girl drummers are hot. All of Meytal’s videos are both incredibly impressive and incredibly sexy, but I’m partial to her Perfect Circle video.

Submitted by OldOne973

8 year old plays the drum part to Dream Theater’s “Dance of Eternity”

Damn these kids and their crazy stupid drumming skills.


Stevie Wonder killing it on the drums

Ain’t nobody that can fuck with Stevie Wonder.

Submitted by Milkboot

Daily Discussion: Best and/or favorite rock drummer ever?

So a few weeks ago, Delsyd and I struck up an IM conversation about rock drummers. I mentioned that Joey Jordison of Slipknot was voted best drummer alive by some drummer magazine or something, but that I’ve always been partial to Dave Grohl. Probably because my senior year in high school, I listened to almost nothing but Nirvana, but he’s still a fucking good drummer.

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