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Dolphins like to chew on pufferfish because the poison gets them hiiiiiigh

Dolphins share a lot of personality traits with humans, including apparently an enjoyment of getting fucked up. For the first time, scientists have filmed bottlenose dolphins chewing on toxic pufferfish, getting a buzz from the fish’s poison. Have you ever swam in the ocean on pufferfish, dude? It’s awesome.

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That time undercover ATF agents paid a teen to get a neck tattoo of a giant squid smoking a joint? Oh, that was a hoot.

Just because the Fast and Furious scandal has long since dropped out of the news doesn’t mean the ATF has suddenly gotten better at doing whatever it is they do. In one investigated instance, ATF agents who were running a fake smoke shop convinced a mentally handicapped 19 year old to get a tattoo of the store’s logo on his neck— a giant squid smoking a giant joint. It appears that this may not be an isolated thing, but that the ATF operates a number of fake head shops around the country that they use to bait low level pot users. Well, at least they’re not giving free guns to Mexican drug cartels.

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Meet the Columbia University scientist that’s out to debunk America’s myths about drugs

Though he continues to break Ivy League stereotypes as Columbia University’s first tenured African-American science professor, Dr. Carl Hart shakes the foundations of his field in a much more significant way than race: His research suggests that for the last three decades, law enforcement, politicians, and the media have been lying to Americans about the dangers of cocaine, methamphetamines, and other illegal drugs.

“I have been studying drugs for 22 years,” Hart said in an interview with Columbia College Today. “I am here to tell you, drugs are not the bogeyman that people said they were.”

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Is Britain on the verge of its own cannabis revolution?

For the last several years, every small election cycle in the US has brought one more city or state joining the bandwagon of marijuana legalization or decriminalization. And now some of the people who have helped to fuel America’s “green economic revolution” are taking their road show to the UK, where they hope to start building equal support for serious cannabis law reform.

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What happens to your brain on crack cocaine?

Since everyone’s talking about crack like it’s 1984 thanks to Rob Ford, here’s a little video from ASAPscience on exactly what goes on when you (yes you) hit the rock.

Time to get healthy: 6 recreational drugs with health benefits

One of the more convincing arguments for the legalization of marijuana is not just that it’s fairly harmless, but it also has a number of useful health benefits. But weed isn’t the only recreational drug that can be good for you in one way or another. So click on the link below, if you can see it through all the dancing elephants.

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Good news, drug users… The Silk Road is back

It was bound to happen sooner or later, as the DPR they arrested wasnt the real DPR, real DPR stepped down years ago. Silk Road passes along the title to a new leader or group it never remains the same, after a certain amount of money is made someone else becomes “Dread Pirate Roberts”. That’s just how it works.

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Police destroy the largest synthetic drug production site ever discovered in Europe. There goes everyone’s winter holiday in Spain.

A vast ecstasy laboratory, the largest ever discovered, was recently busted and dismantled in Belgium. The site was run by five men, four Dutch and one Belgian, covering 1000 square meters and pumping out millions upon millions of euros worth of party fuel.

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