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Florida legalizes medical marijuana. This should end hilariously.

Yesterday, Florida governor Rick Scott signed a bill legalized limited used of medical marijuana for epileptic seizures and other disorders. The “limited use” means there’s a smaller list of approved uses, unlike states like California in which literally almost everything qualifies for medical marijuana, which isn’t a bad thing, but Florida… hmmm.

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The FBi’s anti marijuana policy is seriously impacting its ability to hire cyber experts

The FBI would love to hire some of America’s brightest hacker minds, but the problem is that their strict anti-marijuana policy is making it really difficult to find someone with the kind of skills and cyber-cred they need who hasn’t smoked pot in the past three months.

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Vice interviews members of The Scurvy Crew, one of the biggest drug dealers on Silk Road

Dread Pirate Roberts captained a ship that many thought was unsinkable. But when the FBI seized the original Silk Road on the 1st of October, 2013 and arrested the alleged kingpin – 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht – the online drugs empire began to capsize. Its hundreds of thousands of customers scattered across the deep web, and up to seven known Silk Road vendors were identified and arrested. As the chaos unravelled into the mainstream and stories of Dread Pirate Roberts’ (DPR) alleged murder-for-hire antics made headlines, one prominent Silk Road drugs syndicate sat in their European safe-house with a ton of opium and a decision to make – would they cut their losses and disappear into the ether while they were still ahead, or keep their lucrative online drugs network running in the midst of all this extra attention?

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This guy took a bunch of LSD, went out to the Thar Desert in India and recorded his experience


Johns Hopkins researcher finds the psilocybin sweet spot for long lasting therapeutic use

It’s been known for a long time that certain doses of hallucinogens, especially of LSD, psilocybin and DMT can be incredibly beneficial in “rewiring” the brain to help overcome trauma, mental and emotional issues, addiction and a host of other issues. And now, a study from Johns Hopkins University has found the “sweet spot”, in which the positive effects from the psilocybin dosage outweigh any negative aspects. 

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North Korea makes so much incredibly pure meth, it would make Walter White giggle with joy

When you’re one of the poorest nations on Earth, but you need lots of money to spend on all military brass and polish, but you have nothing of real value, what do you do? Make meth. 98% pure crystal meth, and lots of it. So much of it, that the government encourages people to smoke it every day because they’ve got so much of it, and it’s pretty much the only thing that’s keeping the nation afloat at all. Had Breaking Bad not ended like it had, and Walter White wanted more than just the North American meth market, one more season and he could have been going toe-to-toe with the North Korean government. That would have been fun.

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