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Scientists can now pluck images from your dreams

Like so.

For a while now, science has been slowly working on refining the art of reading the images in your brain and the technology is progressing to the point where scientists can pluck kinda sorta recognizable images from the dreaming brain.

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Evening science: The science of lucid dreams

Have you ever wanted to take control of your dreams? Now you can, with the science of how to lucid dream! With these simple steps, and a little practice, you’ll soon experience sleep like never before.

Daily Discussion: Your recurring dream images/themes

When you dream at night, whenever it is you sleep, and however frequently you dream, what are some recurring themes or images in those dreams? For example, whenever I travel internationally in a dream, for some reason it’s always with my parents and my sister. And many of my dreams are geographically connected to each other, like one big planet of dreamscape places. What about your recurring themes?

Weekend geekcraft: Make your own lucid dreaming goggles and take control of your dreams

Lucid dreaming can be some of the most fun you can have while you’re asleep, but very few people ever have lucid dreams, and even if you do, there’s often no telling when they will happen. But with a little handiwork, you can make some goggles that may help to increase your chances of catching yourself dreaming to take control.

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Daily Discussion: Recurring dreams

Many people have dreams about falling or flying. Some people often dream about people they know in real life or things that happened the previous day. Other people have dreams that are all about adventure and storytelling. Or if you remember your dreams on a regular basis, maybe there are recurring themes or people or characters. What are the things you dream about on a regular basis?

Vitamin B6 may help some people remember their dreams

Dreams can be a lot of fun, but whether you remember your awesome flying, world-saving dreams can be up to luck, biology or what you had for dinner the night before. But according to a new study, taking some extra vitamin B6 may help some people remember their dreams.

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Why do we dream?

In six and a half minutes, Vsauce drops some knowledge about how we dream, why we dream and the history of scientific dream research. 


Mind-bending reading material: “An Experiment With Time” by JD Dunne, 1927

In 1927, an Irish aeronautical engineer named JW Dunne wrote one of the most influential and controversial books that you’ve probably never heard of called An Experiment With Time

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Sweet Dreams: The illustrated dream journal of Emily Carroll

Plenty of people have dream journals, but Emily Carroll’s dream journals are the best. She illustrates her dreams in four panels that manage to capture all the fun, the strangeness and randomness of dreaming.


Mind-reading machines could one day record your dreams

Every week it seems that science is slowly marching towards being able to read your mind— a blip here, a neural image there and the next thing you know, scientists will be able to read whatever fucking dreams you have about waxing your chest with Richard Pryor on a beach. 

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