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Just a heads up: Watch Goku battle Superman to the death for the fate of Earth


Screwattack is airing their Goku vs. Superman death battle some time later today. For now all I can give you is the death battle listing since I’ll likely be asleep when it goes up.


Fuck bitches up with DragonBall Z for Kinect

I’m not really big on DragonBall Z, but if you are, here’s a look at the upcoming DragonBall Z game for Xbox 360 Kinect. It’s over 9000 or something.

Dragonball Z for Kinect will have you flailing around like a hyperactive 10 year old

But isn’t that what Kinect is all about? At least they don’t waste your time with fucking dance contests like Star Wars Kinect. Just face punching as ass kicking.


This guy is here to tell you that being a Super Saiyan can really happen. You just have to believe.

So of course, halfway through the video he believes and tries it. I mean really, really tries it. I was secretly rooting for the kid… 

IHC After Dark: Dragonzball P

Yup, this is pretty much what I see whenever I try to watch Dragonball Z anyway.

Daily Discussion: Superman vs Goku… who wins?

We’ve already seen Superman versus Popeye, and I don’t think that battle was decisive, and relied on a number of variables. But in another battle across eras and genres, who would win in an all-out battle between Superman and Goku from Dragonball Z?

Apparently Soulja Boy is an anime fan

I saw this video a few days ago and just assumed it was a joke and then I saw it yesterday on Topless Robot, where they were like “I assumed this was a joke” and then I was like “OMG JINX!”, but this song isn’t a joke— it’s Soulja Boy rapping with a mouth full of marbles about anime and Dragonball Z. That doesn’t make it good, it just makes it of interest.

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