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Half Life 2 modded with Doom? Please thanks.

This is the most wonderful thing to ever happen and if you disagree you’re a communist.

Some guy does a HD conversion of a screenshot of Doom in Photoshop

Holy shit, watch someone modernize this Doom screenshot in super speed.

Doom 3 BFG edition brings the entire back catalog in one package. That’s what I’m talking about

It’s like The Orange Box, except it’s all Doom. This fall, id Software will be releasing Doom 3, the BFG Edition, which will include not only Doom 3 and all of its DLCs, but the entire back catalog of remastered Doom games. One word for this…awesome.

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A history and evolution of Doom’s ‘BFG-9000’

Oh yes… the BFG 9000 was the most amazing thing ever, and even as it showed up in various Doom and Quake titles, its ass-kicking power was never diluted.


Doom is now legal in Germany, “no longer a threat to children”. Phew.

After two decades, the FPS classic Doom is now legal in Germany, having finally been removed from the list of media harmful to young people. Buncha Nazis.

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Dad wakes his son up with a Super Soaker while humming the Doom theme

Good morning! Wake your ass up!


Doom being played on a TI graphing calculator

I used to love writing games for the old TI graphing calculators, but those ancient things couldn’t do shit like run Doom. Actually, I’m pretty sure most modern graphing calculators aren’t supposed to be able to do this, but someone did it anyway. 


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